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pinnacles Wastwater

Alternative Names: Wastwater

Type of Dive: Lake dive, You need permission to dive here - phone the warden on Tel 0194 6726296. 

Suggested experience: Trainee upwards depth-dependant. 

Travel directions: On the M6 Junction 36, join the A590 towards Barrow. Follow it until it joins the A595 and head towards Seascale. Drive past the left turn for Seascale and then take the next right. After that its just a matter of not getting too lost on the country roads Google 

Parking directions: Park in the yellow area in the picture below. or at the National Trust car park on the left top end of the lake. Google map

Lat & Long: N54.43803  W-3.30711 Google map

Depth: Up to 70m+ 

Site entry/exit: Enter the water at the blue boxes below.


Underwater directions: Dive 1 Follow the blue rope for about 150m to the top of the pinnacles which can be found at 13 metres.

Wastwater pinnacles entry/exitWastwater pinnacles entry/exit 

Dive 2 dive tiffins Rock the entry point is the left-hand beach opposite big car park, follow line of stones to a trampoline at 6m, at trampoline swim on bearing of 120 degrees for approx 400m and you will arrive at the top of a cliff, go over cliff and down to 30m and there is another gnome garden. 

Dive 3 at entry point drop down to sunken fish box depth of (6m) this can usually be seen if the viz is good if not the box is approximately 20 meters from the entry point, follow the line for about 400m you come to the top of a large cliff. Drop over the wall and down to required depth. The gnome garden starts at about 45 - 50m. 

Air & Nitrox: Fins  Capernwray

Site Hazards: There is reduced visibility and the water is colder. 

Nearest Public phone: None near here.

Mobile Network service: Communications are virtually non-existent. 

Accommodation: The Strands Hotel

Other comments:  Wastwater is 61 meters above sea level. 

Pub: Wastdale Head  The Screes Inn

Cafe: Nothing near here so take everything you need.

Created by: John Turnock 

Date: 8/10/10 

Revision: 3 

Thanks To: John L for the site entry/exit pictures and Air Guzzler and Olaff for the u/w pictures 


Surface Photos: By John L

Underwater Photos: By Air Guzzler and Olaff  Utube

The Pinnacles underwaterThe Pinnacles underwater

The Pinnacles underwater

Dive Map: Not required here.

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