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Achmelvich bay

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Scenic shore dive

Suggested experience: Ocean diver +

Travel directions: Google

Parking directions: Continue past the shore caravan site. Within 100m there is a road leading off to the right, signposted “Welcome to Achmelvich Bay”, follow this to the car park. Google There is plenty of parking.

Distance from Inverness: 89 miles 2hrs 8 mins

Lat & Long: N58.170205 W-5.307555  Postcode IV27 4JB  Google

Tides: Tide Tables

Depth: 20m

Site entry/exit: Follow the path down to the bay and walk around to enter beside the rock wall on the left of the bay.

Underwater directions: Follow the rock wall out around the side of the bay. Keep the wall on your left, you gradually gain some depth. Around the point, it gets to about 20m, with some large boulders off to the right. Return back the same way.

Air & Nitrox: Jimmy Crooks a local in Lochinver has a compressor and is happy to fill tanks by prior arrangement 01571 844 362

Site Hazards: No major hazards here.

Nearest Public phone: Less than 500m from the dive site, the phone is just outside the Shore Caravan site, Achmelvich.

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Accommodation:   Camping/caravan Hostel

Other comments: It is a bit of a walk with full kit from the car park. It is easier to drop the kit off just past the cattle grid beside the path leading to the beach, then park the car and walk back.

Pub: None here.


Created By: Nathan Jeffery

Date: 27/1/11

Revision: 2

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Surface Photos: Contact me

Underwater Photos:  Nathan Jeffery

Achmelvich bayAchmelvich bay 

Dive Map:

Dive Report: Down under 17/11/10. Golden sand, clear water. Well protected. Force 7 winds and we could still dive. 20+ meter vis. Entered mid-bay and made our way across the sandy bottom to the bay side wall. Plenty of sand eels and some small flatfish species. John Dory. Edible, swimmer, spider and hermit crabs, plus one startled octopus that inked my buddy

Dive Report: McBad 28/1/11 Very pleasant dive site. We dived it one evening a few years ago (flat calm) and found a HUGE angler fish on the bottom by the reef described. Holes in the reef also contain conger eels. Gordon Ridley's guide talks about looking low across the flat sand underwater for bumps and humps which 'often' turn out to be rays and flatfish... They weren't there the day we were.

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