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Albert drive

Alternative Names: Royal Albert drive.

Type of Dive: Albert drive is a very easy shallow shore dive in good conditions.

Suggested Experience: Novice upwards.

Travel directions: Royal Albert Drive, is at the north of Scarborough castle on the shore connecting with Marine drive from the south.

Parking directions:  Pay and display all along the road.

Lat & Long:  54.288856, -0.394197  Postcode YO11 1JA  Google

Tides: Tide tables  Best dived on high slack water although any state is ok as long as the sea is calm.

Depth: 5m  

Site entry/exit: From the coastal walkway there is a path and steps down to the water where you can hold onto the wall to put on your fins as in the pictures below. 

Albert drive entry/exitAlbert drive entry/exit

Underwater directions: After entering the water turn right head down to the bottom of the rocks and head along the shore and come back a bit higher than you went out or explore the bay.

Air & Nitrox: Above and below   Proscuba  

Site Hazards: Swell from the Northeast or East.

Nearest Public phone: Contact me

Mobile Network service: Most networks work well here.

Accommodation: Camping

Other comments: Email  

Pub: Plenty in Scarborough

Cafe: There is a cafe 50m from the entry/exit point.

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Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 5/7/18

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Underwater Photos: Contact me

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