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An Ard

Alternative Names: None

Type of dive: An Ard is a shore dive around a small headland in Gairloch.

Suggested Experience: Any

Distance from Fort William: 123 miles 3hr 5 Mins

Parking directions: At the side of the road as in the picture below.

An Ard parking

Lat & Long: N57.710876 W-5.687131  Google

Tides:  Tide Tables

Travel Directions: From Inverness take the A9 towards Dingwall, then pick up the A835 towards Ullapool at Garve turn onto the A832 and follow this all the way to Gairloch. Shortly after passing the town sign and cemetery there will be a turning on the left for the harbour/pier and wildlife cruises. Turn here and follow this towards the pier. On the right past the pier and the wildlife cruise buildings there is a small road with a no through road sign. About 20m long here on the left is a small shingle bay. Park at the top where there is room for about 2 cars not of the private patch (it actually says no parking)

Depth: 10m

Entry: Straight in from the small shingle beach

An Ard entry/exit

Underwater directions: Swim across the corner of the small bay to find the rocks on the other side and follow this along and round the little headland where it gets no deeper than around 7/8 metres. There is a lot of kelp and weed but there are also many places where the rocks are not covered and you can find shore crabs, sea squirts, urchins and common/cushion and spiny sea stars. Squat lobsters and leopard spotted gobies hide in some of the cracks. If you do this dive after the pier it could be disappointing in comparison but there is quite a lot of life here, you just have to look for it. If you swim out to the middle of the bay you will find a fairly bare sandy seabed with a few sand stars which gets no deeper than around 10m so it's probably better just to stay working your way around the rocks that skirt the little headland.

Air & Nitrox: Atlantic Diving Services Ullapool Tel 01854622261

Hazards: None known

Nearest Public phone: Next to the pier

Mobile Network service: Contact me


Other comments: There are toilets 50m from the pier

Pub: None close to here.

Cafe: None close to here.

Created By: Jane Wilkinson

Date: July 2012

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Surface Photos: Jane Wilkinson.

Underwater Photos: Jane Wilkinson.

An Ard4An Ard5

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