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Anchor point

Alternative Names: Anchor Bay, Lephinchapel Reef.

Type of Dive: Anchor point on Loch Fyne is a good shore dive 

Suggested Experience: Sport Diver

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrochar and over the rest and be thankful, turn left onto the A815, The lay-by is about half-way between Lephinchapel and Gortein.

Parking directions: See the picture below, there is room for 6 cars at the top of the path

Anchor point8a

Lat & Long: N56.068670 W-5.265670  No Postcode Google map

Tides: Tide tables  Can be dived at any state of the tide.

Site entry/exit: Follow the path down through between the trees to the beach. There is a big rock on the right. Enter the water at the left of the rock (facing the water as in the picture below).

Anchor pointAnchor point

Underwater directions: The two ways to dive here are down to the 20m mark on each reef and zig zag up the reef looking in the small holes and cracks where you will see goldsinny and wrasse and its good for lions mane jellyfish. or you can head down the reef to 30m where there is plumose anemone and round the two points and zig-zag up the reef. See the u/w map below. 

Air & Nitrox: Aquatron  Splashsports

Site Hazards: Sometimes there is a small current but it is easily manageable.

Nearest Public phone: Creggans Inn

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: B+B, Creggans Inn, Kanes Hotel

Other comments: Do keep in mind the spawning of the "Spanish dancers" of Scottish waters, the Pleurobranchus membranaecus that occurs at this site, and further up the loch, during the Full Moon week of February

Pub: Creggans Inn

Café: None

Version: 2

Created by: Stewart Russell

Date: 5/5/07

Surface Photos: John Nicolson / Keith Waugh

U/Water Photos: John Nicolson  Utube

Anchor pointAnchor point

Divesite map:

Anchor point dive map

Dive Report: Dive Tramp, Aug 07 Site; Anchor Bay/Point. LW; 1045 BST, 0.3m HW; 1732 BST, 3.1m, Sea State; Flat, Wind; F0-1, N-NW, Vis; 5-8m on Ebb, 3-5m on Flood, better viz below 12m (the silt gets blown off the silty/sandy reef to the left of the site at peak tidal flow!) Max Depth; 27.5m Weather; Sunny of course!,with a wee bit cloud coming over. After the horrendous weather on Saturday it was an enormous relief to wake up on site at Anchor Bay/whatever..., in EDNA, to find I'd managed to plan yet another day diving in Perfect Weather! A new site to four of the party, so very nice to be able to use Finstrokes Site Guide pics and drawings (many thanks, Stew!) in my site briefing. Not to rap on all day, Everyone had a great day with most managing three dives at the time we were on site, 10am-6pm, and a couple of milestones to mark too

Dive Report: Dive Tramp, Jan 09 Just back from two great (if not a little chilly) dives at Anchor Point where it seems today was Archidoris pseudoargus nudibranch egg laying day. We even witnessed to a mid water dance from a Doris! Unfortunately, even tho I had pressed the video button on the camera and thought I had been taking a "snap" of about a minute, it turns out the camera had a glitch and only recorded 0.01 seconds of film! However, I did get a few shots of the "girls" laying their egg masses. The last picture is a Corkwing wrasse

Dive Report: Yogi If you go over the reef near the big rock at the entry, and head about 45 degrees right, into the area marked "still to be explored" you will find another reef. Drop down to about 15M and turn right and fin for about 5 minutes and you will hit it. Keep going over this and you will find another reef a few minutes further. Both reefs are less disorientating than the main dive described and better for training dives or a second dive at the same site.

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