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Ansteys Cove

Alternative Names: None. 

Type of Dive: Ansteys Cove, between Babbacombe and Torquay, is a safe shore dive in Lyme bay with lots of life.

Suggested Experience: Ideal for newly qualified to the U/W photographer.

Travel directions: Ansteys Cove is situated on the Eastern corner of the southwest peninsula, approx. 20 miles South of Exeter, 35 miles East of Plymouth on the Northern edge of Torbay and easily accessible from the A379 onto Ansteys Cove road to the car park.

Parking directions: Drop off diving kit at the quayside and park at the top of the road (150m) in the free car park

Lat & Long: 50.472077, -3.500956 Postcode TQ1 3YY  Google

Tides: Tide tables   Best done near high water and as Ansteys Cove faces east the beach is un-diveable during easterly winds.

Depth: 6m

Site entry/exit: Easy entry/exit down the stairs and a short walk into the water.

Ansteys Cove entry/exitAnsteys Cove entry/exit 

Underwater directions: Head out to 5-6m and turn right along the shore and back or out into the bay and explore. The seabed is rocky and covered with different types of seaweed and occasional snakelock anemone with broken shell in between. This is good for fish to hide under and you will see catshark gliding between the rocks and ballin wrasse over the top. This like Babbacombe bay is good for seeing cuttlefish gliding between the rocks and under the seaweed.

Air & Nitrox:  Nautique   Teign Diving Centre

Site Hazards: Occasional boats and swell from easterly winds.

Nearest Public phone: In Anstey's Cove Cafe.

Mobile Network service: Most networks work well here.

Accommodation: Coast view Tourist Information on Tel 01548 843927.

Other comments: Its very like Babbacombe bay just north of here.

Pub: None here.

Cafe: Anstey's Cove Cafe

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Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 18/7/18

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Ansteys CoveAnsteys Cove

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