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Beacon cove

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Beacon Cove is a sheltered shallow dive in Torquay with seagrass beds.

Suggested Experience: Suitable for training in good conditions 

Travel directions: From Exeter head south on the A30 onto the Devon expressway onto the A380 to Torquay.

Parking directions: Park in Beacon Quay car park at the top of the hill.

Lat & Long: 50.457441, -3.523510  Postcode TQ1 2EP  Google

Tides: Tide tables  Torquay

Depth: 6m max

Site entry/exit: Its a long walk down from the car park to the bay (180m) so travel light, a 10l cylinder is enough for here. Then its a few steps with a handrail down to the shingle beach.

Beacon cove entry/exitBeacon cove stairs

Underwater directions: Theres a few ways to dive beacon cove.. but the best ways are...

Dive 1 Head out along the Reef which follows the rock wall and it will lead you to the first pinnacle. This pinnacle has lots to offer with Lobster Nudibranchs and many species of fish. The depth of the reef around the pinnacle ranges from 9 meters to 6 meters. there's a few overhangs and crevices to explore so you could do 1 dive just on the 1 pinnacle! or if you feel like you have seen it all head SE to the next pinnacle for a look. Once you have seen this head back North which will lead you to the reef and the flat sandy bay where there are some seagrass beds. Explore these as sometimes you will find Nudibranchs, seahorses, stauromedusae and many other juvenile species! That's usually enough for 1 dive!

Dive 2 Follow the reef along the wall and look out for lobsters and wrasse! The seagrass bed follows the edge of the reef most of the way along to the underwater pinnacle so can be done on the way back! there's a big gully between the underwater pinnacle and the pinnacle that sticks out of the water.. this is very large with overhangs and crevices full of lobster and fish. there are some great walls too with jewel anemones and plenty of Nudibranch. you could spend a whole hour around the 1 pinnacle. Its a bit of a swim but well worth it. I would say use a 15ltr to give you plenty of dive time! Once you are done around the pinnacles head back along the reef or the seagrass bed. there's usually a lot to see on either! 

Air & Nitrox:  Dive Torquay

Site Hazards: Surge when the waves are high.

Nearest Public phone: In the Marina.

Mobile Network service: All networks work well here in the car park.

Accommodation: Tourist Information on Tel 01548 843927.

Other comments: Beacon Cove is sheltered from Northerly winds so is a good back up when Babbacombe bay is blown out! Beacon cove can be dived all year round.

Pub: None close to here nearest is in the Marina.

Cafe: None close to here nearest is in the Marina.

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Created by: Tony Reed

Date: 25/9/18

Surface Photos:     

Underwater Photos:  By Tony Reed   Utube

LobsterBeacon coveBeacon coveBeacon cove

Dive sitemap: By Tony Reed

Beacon cove dive map

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