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Beadnell point

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Beadnell point is a great shore dive with gullies a wreck and a small wall.

Suggested experience: Experienced diver.

Parking directions: On the road to the harbor on the right pay and display. Drop heavy kit at the access to the shore beside the BT telephone box. (500m)

Beadnell point parkingBeadnell point entry/exit

Distance from Seahouses: 3 miles 15 mins

Lat & Long: 55° 33' 8.00'' N 1° 37' 9.49'' W  Postcode NE76 5BW  Google map

Tides: Tide Tables Best time to dive is high slack.

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit: Enter the water with the main reef out to the point on your right about halfway along the point between the high and low tide marks, and you almost jump onto the wreck itself.

Beadnell point6Beadnell point entry/exit

Underwater directions: Keep a couple of meters at least from the surface at high tide to avoid being pulled over the top. There are lots of cracks and overhangs to explore and the wreckage of an old steamer called the Yewglen which was foundered in 1960 can be found on the north side of the point and although it is well broken up and spread over a large area, there are still interesting sights such as the boiler, anchor and a section of the forward hull. 

Air & Nitrox: Sovereign diving

Site Hazards: Don't go past the point except at slack water as the currents can make getting back in hard work.

Nearest Public phone:  At the place you leave the road. (see picture above)

Mobile Network service: T-mobile, o2, Virgin and Orange.

Accommodation: The old schoolhouse

Other comments: Toilets and showers are available at the car park, there is also a wreck called the Mistey on the south side of the point but it's not dived often (info to follow)

Pub: The Craster Arms and The Towers is by far the best for food

Cafe: Many in Seahouses

Created By Finstrokes

Date: 10/12/10

Revision: 1

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Beadnell point2Beadnell point3

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Beadnell point dive map

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