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Black rock

Alternative Names:  None its named after a vast area of Black rocks that can be seen at low tides.

Type of Dive: Black rock is an easy shore dive between the old Volks Railway support and Brighton marina breakwater.

Suggested Experience: Novice in good conditions.

Travel directions: On the A259 (the coast road) from Brighton turn right into Dukes mound (signpost says Volks Railway) at the end of the road turn left onto Maderia Dr and turn right into Black rock car park

Parking directions: In Black rock car park (Pay and Display) Park at the far end of the car park closest to the entry to the beach.

Lat & Long: 50.813233, -0.110115  Postcode BN2 1DZ  Google

Tides: Tide tables  Best dived at high tide and definitely on slack water.

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit: From the car park walk 70m to the entry point to the beach and head along to the breakwater or straight out from the Volks Railway support.

Black rock entry/exitBlack rock entry/exit

Underwater directions: It's a small area to explore and you will find crabs, lobster, starfish and schools fish in and around the old Victorian railway support blocks its shallow so you will have a long bottom time.

Air & Nitrox: Oceanview   Newhaven Scuba

Site Hazards: Don't go too far out on the breakwater when it not slack water as the current can pull you into the mouth of the Marina.

Nearest Public phone: In Brighton.

Mobile Network service: Most networks well here at the car park

Accommodation:  Plenty of places to stay in Brighton.

Other comments: For good viz here its best to dive when there has been a long spell of good weather. You can also dive Brighton pier (2km west of here) and the wreckage of Brighton west pier (3km west of here)

Pub: Wetherspoon in the marina.

Cafe: Jungle cafe and Barefoot cafe on the front.

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Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 13/9/18

Surface Photos:     

Underwater Photos: By Josh Peters

Black rockBlack rockBlack rockBlack rock

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