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Black rock seagrass

Alternative Names: Black rock

Type of Dive: Black rock seagrass at Whiting bay on the Isle of Arran is a good shore dive on white sand and seagrass.

Suggested Experience: This is a place for snorkelling and trainees

Travel directions: From Brodick its 8.8 miles south on the A841, when you get to the sea turn right and drive for 5.4 miles past the Octopus centre to Black rock.

Parking directions: Park in the space opposite the house shown in the picture below.


Lat & Long:  55.479398, -5.085482 Postcode KA27 8QP  Google maps

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 7m

Site entry/exit: Walk north along the road to the grassy path to the beach then it's a simple walk into the water and head straight out.

Black rock seagrass entry/exit

Underwater directions: The area with the grass is 140m from the shore and is shallower than the area around as can be seen on the dive map. At Black rock you can see nudibranchs, pipefish or catsharks and scattered starfish. There are maerl beds and kelp forests, boulders, with large purple urchins, blennies and wrasse. If you go out in late spring, the water may be colder but you’ll be rewarded with sightings of catshark egg cases.

Air & Nitrox:  Octopus centre

Site Hazards:

Nearest Public phone: 0.5 miles north at the coffee pot

Mobile Network service: Contact me


Other comments:  Lamlash Bay No Take Zone (NTZ) was the first Community-led Marine Reserve of its kind in Scotland when established in 2008. No fish or shellfish can be taken from its waters or seabed, including the shore area which includes Black rock.


Cafe: The coffee pot 0.5 miles north of Black rock.

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Thanks To: Jenny from Arran coast

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Created by: Howard Wood

Date: 3/2/20

Surface Photos:     

Underwater Photos: By Howard Wood   Utube

Black rock seagrassBlack rock seagrass4

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Black rock seagrass divemap

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