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Blenny bay1

Alternative Names: Exmouth marina bay

Type of Dive: Blenny bay is a great little site when most places are blown out! it's perfect for training or photography

Suggested Experience: Trainee upwards

Travel directions: Google map

Parking directions: parking is not the best so a quick kit drop off is required as there's no parking this side of the water. a photo of the turning point below. You can park in the Pierhead car park and all along the seafront.

Blenny bay2Blenny bay3

Lat & Long:  50.617146, -3.425021 Postcode EX81DA  Google map

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 10 meters

Site entry/exit: Walk along the path (as in the pick above right) and down to the sea at the wall.

Underwater directions: The best way to dive here is to swim out with the wall on your left and drop down the reef face. the depth can vary but it drops to 10 meters. The wall is covered with blennies, at depth swim back up the reef face making your way across in a zig-zag pattern covering as much of the reef as you can.

Air & Nitrox: J R Services

Site Hazards: be cautious with the current that runs parallel to the edge of the reef. this can be strong with spring tides.

Nearest Public phone: Exmouth Marina

Mobile Network service: Most networks work well here.

Accommodation:  Contact me

Other comments: Contact me

Pub:  Grove  The Beach pub   The point bar and grill

Cafe:  Contact me

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Created by: Tony Reed

Date: 8/11/19

Surface Photos:     Tony Reed

Underwater Photos:  Tony Reed

Blenny bay4Blenny bay5

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