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Broadhaven window

Alternative names: Papigo,   Broadhaven

Type of Dive: Broadhaven window is a very scenic shore dive on a wall and through the famous window covered in sea life.

Suggested experience: Capable of dive to 25m.

Travel directions: drive through Wick on the A99 leaving Wick on the Broadhaven rd, turn right into Pilot row.

Parking directions: At the end of the road. Kit up here and head to the right across the field.

Broadhaven window parking

Distance from Inverness: 105 Miles 2 Hrs 27 Mins

Lat & Long: N58.448363 W-3.053289 Postcode KW1 4RB  Google

Tides: Tide Tables

Depth: 25m

Site entry/exit is along a shallow gully which rapidly descends to below 15m. (pic to follow)

Underwater directions: To Follow

Air & Nitrox: Caithness diving club Make a donation to the upkeep of the compressor, They have nitrox as well Divenotheast

Site Hazards: Swell,

Nearest Public phone: Wick

Mobile Network service:

Accommodation:  Impala B+B

Other comments: Between Broadhaven and Papigoe is Greenigoe and Greenie Geo. In this bay is the wreck of the Carency, a 223-ton trawler from Aberdeen which ran aground in fog and sank on 29th June 1957.

Pub:  The Alexander Bain


Created By: Martin Gill

Date: 4/1/11

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Caithness diving club


Surface Photos: Contact me

Underwater Photos: By Martin Gill

Broadhaven window underwaterBroadhaven window underwater

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