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Broom point

Alternative Names: Rubh’ a’Bhad Bheithe

Type of Dive: Shore dive on Loch Linnhe

Suggested experience: Suitable for sports divers or accompanied novice

Travel directions: Follow the A828 from South Ballachulish towards Oban for just under 2 miles past a row of terraced houses on the south side of the road. Google map

Distance from Glasgow: 96 Miles 2 hrs 5 mins

Lat & Long: 56.683144, -5.230209 Postcode PA38 4BY Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 10m 

Parking directions: The parking is poor but there is enough room to get one or two cars on the verge just at the western end of the crash barrier opposite the houses Google map

Site entry/exit: From the road, a path crosses a small burn over to the cycleway which used to be an old railway bed then on to a pebble beach. Enter off the shore and return the same way. Aim to start the dive toward the left of the small islands. Google 

Broom point entry/exit

Underwater directions: Swim out to the left of the small islands and once past these submerge and swim on a bearing of 40 degrees. Initially over pebbles but quickly onto sand and boulders and intermittent glacial slabs. These slabs were the site of a biodiversity study by Dundee University in the 80’s and the remains of quadrants that were fixed on slabs to survey chitons may still be found. Swim out to 8-10 m depths where there are several large glaciated slabs that hold three species of chitons (look at the edge of the slabs were they disappear into the mud). Visibility was generally quite good and the effect of the tide was minimal. (There didn't appear to be an opportunity to get any great depth here but I suspect that the fault line that provides the Kentallen wall lies just a little further offshore and would be worth exploring)

Air & Nitrox: Puffin divers & The underwater centre

Site Hazards: Parking is not ideal but the dive gives an easy and shallow introduction to shore diving in small groups

Nearest Public phone: None near here.

Mobile Network service: Orange


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Pub:  Holly tree hotel

Cafe: West laroch

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Originally dived in 1986 with M.G.Sturrock, J.Baxter, J.F.Lucas

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Created By: Chris Hine

Date: 22/12/10

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