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Budleigh beach

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Shore reef dive

Suggested experience: Novice in good conditions.

Travel directions: From Exmouth follow the signs for Budleigh Salterton. Ignore the turning for East Budleigh and follow the road down through the town. The beach is at the bottom end of the town. Follow the road along the Seafront and up the hill at the far end.

Parking directions: We usually park on the road which runs parallel to the beach..its a much shorter walk than the car park. there are 4 benches which start from the top of the road nearest the town running down the road towards the cafe. we usually head out from bench 1 or 2

Budleigh beach parking

Lat & Long: 50.628595, -3.318549 Postcode EX9 6NS  Google

Tides: Tide Tables

Depth: 16m

Site entry/exit: Its 400m from the car park over a stony beach to the point, then an easy walk-in entry from the beach as long as there is no swell or 85m straight to the water.

Underwater directions: Swim straight out from the shore until you find the first reef at 8m and the second reef is at 16m both reefs run parallel to the shore. The second reef is teaming with life. Opposite the cafe on the reef is a massive rocky formation with cracks and overhangs where you will find lots of wrasse, crabs and lobster. the reef is usually full of many species of Nudibranch and lots of catsharks and dogfish. You can also drift dive the reef from a boat Wave Chieftain III

Air & Nitrox: Jurassic Coast Diving   Teign Diving Centre

Site Hazards: Strong currents running along the beach

Nearest Public phone: To Follow

Mobile Network service: Most networks work here.

Accommodation: B+B

Other comments: From bench 2 you can hit the giant anchor.

Budleigh beach5

Pub: The King William

Cafe: None close to here so take everything you need.

Created by: Tony Reed

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Surface Photos: By Tony Reed  

Underwater Photos:  By Tony Reed  

Budleigh beachBudleigh beach

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