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Caolasnacon dive location

Alternative Names:  None       

Type of Dive: Caolasnacon is a great shore and wall dive in Loch Leven.

Suggested experience:  Sport Diver. 

Travel directions:   Leaving Glasgow on the M8 cross the Erskin bridge onto the A82 and turn left at Crianlarich staying on the A82. At Tyndrum bear to the right still on the A82 over Rannoch Moor into Glencoe. Look out for the sign pointing right for Kinlochleven on the B863. Take this right turning and drive for approximately 3 miles. Caolasnacon caravan site. is situated on the left-hand side. 

Parking directions: Ask if its ok to dive at the campsite reception. Park at the edge of the grass, close to the entry point 

From Glasgow:  73.3 mi – about 1 hour 33 Min's  

Lat & Long:   N56 42.320   W5 2.421   Postcode  PH50 4RJ  Google map

Depth: 30m 

Site entry/exit: Top arrow shows the dive site.

Caolasnacon dive site entry/exit

Underwater directions: Enter the water and head down to 6-10m and turn right and swim directly to the rock face to the right of the entry point. Once you reach the wall descend deeper keeping the wall to your right. The topography consists of massive boulders, nooks and crannies and a couple of swim throughs. All in all the terrain makes for some impressive viewing. 

Air & Nitrox:  Puffin  

Site Hazards: No major hazards.

Nearest Public phone:  The Campsite reception

Mobile Network service: Vodafone & O2 works fine    

Accommodation:   Caolasnacon caravan site  The red squirrel   

Other comments:  This dive site is from the campsite so respect campers peace and quiet. Don't forget to use the comments at the bottom of the page to let other divers know what its like to dive here.

Pub:  In Glencoe

Cafe: Glencoe village 

Created By: John Nicolson 

Revision:  1 

Thanks To:  Rob Mason for Info and showing me this site and Steve Nicholson for updates. 

Links: None

Surface Photos:  John Nicolson

Underwater Photos:  By James L and John Kerr.

Caolasnacon wallCaolasnacon wall and diverSea loch anemoneSea loch anemone and sea urchin.

Dive Report:  Rob 29/9/2009  The last time I did this dive was mid-summer The vis was perhaps as much as 8m, which considering the week before at the Slates was perhaps 3-4m is pretty good. It's a lot clearer in the winter, I did this as a new years day dive some years ago and could see torch beams pretty far off from other buddy pairs.  The wall area doesn't seem to get affected by tides or currents, at least not the two times I've dived here, but I would still recommend a degree of caution. The only other thing to watch for is Lions Manes, although 2009 did seem to have a lot more than previous years in Loch Leven. 

Dive Report: Yogi 5/5/2010 I dived at this site on 8th May and was very impressed by the topography. Think The Caves, combined with Stallion rock, but with easy shore access 10m visibility, and a torch only needed to look under the rocks and you get the idea. The wall drops straight down from the shore and the base of the wall slopes down from the beach, littered with huge boulders which have split from the wall over many years. My max depth was 24m but I believe it gets a little bit deeper if you keep going I was bimbling along slowly, exploring the many cracks and overhangs created by the boulders, and the small fish, (young cod?) swimming about them. Having promised Rob, my shore cover, that I would return within 40 minutes maximum, it was all too soon time to turn around and head back. A very impressive site, especially if you get the kind of visibility I experienced but, being Scotland, I guess this was just luck. I will definitely return, with my camera next time and post the pics.

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