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Cardwell Bay1

Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive: Gentle protected shore dive around the wreckage of the pier.

Suggested Experience:  Novice if they are made aware of entanglements.

Travel directions: Stay on the A8 Greenock road through Port Glasgow and Greenock and turn right at Cardwell bay into Cove road and drive to the end.

Parking directions: Park at the end of Cove road. There is also a big carpark across from the pier Google

Cardwell Bay parking

Lat & Long:  55.958284, -4.809615   Postcode PA19 1RP  Google

Tides: Tide tables No problems with tides here.

Depth:  11m

Site entry/exit:  Very easy walk down the slip into the water and exit in the same place.

Cardwell Bay entry/exit

Underwater directions: From the slip surface swim to the to the pier and stay under and around the pier.

Air & Nitrox: Aquatron  Splashsports

Site Hazards: beyond the pier, boats and its heading into ferry lanes..... under the pier old ropes and chains and a bit of netting.. care must be taken when finning between the legs in places.

Nearest Public phone:

Mobile Network service:  Most networks work well here.

Accommodation: To Follow.

Other comments: There are plenty of Starfish and crabs around the legs of the pier.

Pub:  Cardwell Inn Cardwell Road

Cafe: Bluebird Cafe, Cardwell Road

Version: 1

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Created by: Avril Keith.

Date: 10/7/18

Surface Photos:  Avril Keith.

Underwater Photos: and Utube  By Avril Keith.

Cardwell Bay under the pierCardwell Bay under the pier

Dive sitemap: Not required here.

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