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Carrick castle

Alternative Names: None 

Type of Dive: Carrick castle is a good dive for training and large groups on a 30 deg slope.

Travel directions: Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet onto the A83, through Arrochar and up to the top of the rest and be thankful. Turn onto the B828 Then turn onto the B829 And drive down the right side of Loch Goil till you get to the Castle Google map 

Distance from Glasgow: 59 miles  1 hour 38 Min's   

Parking directions: Park in the free car park across from the castle.

Carrick castle parking

Lat & Long: 56.108781, -4.905525 Postcode PA24 8AG  Google map

Depth: 30+m 

Tides: Tide Tables  Greenock and add 5 minutes for Carrick Castle.

Site entry/exit: Enter the water on the beach to the right of the castle.  

Carrick castle                      

Underwater directions:  Swim out towards the pier and spend time here as its generally the best part of the dive the seabed slopes off to 32m in a shingle and sandy slope with occasional rocky outcrops that are a magnet for sea life.

Air & Nitrox:   Wreckspeditions   Aquatron    Splashsports    

Site Hazards:  Boats but rarely. 

Suggested experience: Suitable for trainees 

Nearest Public phone: The boat shed

Mobile Network service: Orange, Vodafone 

Other comments: Good training site for training and large groups.

Revision: 4

Pub: None near here.

Cafe: The boat shed

Created by: John Nicolson 

Date: 8.8.06 

Surface Photos: John Nicolson 

Underwater photos: Utube  Contact me

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