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Carrick castle reef

Alternative Names: none

Type of Dive: Shore Dive on a small reef just offshore near Carrick Castle

Suggested Experience: Scuba Diver and higher (suitable for trainees with supervision)

Travel directions: Multiple ways to reach here from Glasgow. We went via Arrochar on the A82, A83 and then down the B839.

Parking directions: Park in the same place as recommended for Carrick Castle (free car pack across from the castle). May be worth dropping equipment near the public toilets first.

Carrick castle reef parking

Lat & Long:  56.107515, -4.903669  Postcode PA24 8AG  Google map

Tides: Tide tables- not heavily affected by tidal current

Depth: 6-9 meters

Site entry/exit: Enter via the beach in front of the public toilets as in the pic below.

carrick castle reef entry/exit

Underwater directions: Head straight out perpendicular to the shore. You will find scatterings of larger rocks. Follow them and you will come to the rocky reef. Water gets shallower again as you reach the reef to as little as 5 metres. If you find yourself on mud plains at 12 metres then you have missed the reef.

Air & Nitrox:   Wreckspeditions   Aquatron     Splashsports

Site Hazards: The mud here is quite stable to there are very few site hazards that require safety measures beyond safe diving practices. There can be boat traffic but it is not heavy. DSMB is recommended.

Nearest Public phoneThe boat shed

Mobile Network service: Orange and Vodafone

Accommodation: Lots of options depending on what you are looking for

Other comments: Lots of parking and suitable for all levels so great group site.

Pub: None that I'm aware of

Cafe: The boat shed

Version: 1

Thanks To: James Harman - Freedom Diving and Jason Coles - Wreckspeditions


Created by: James Harman 

Date: 22/07/2020

Surface Photos:

U/Water Photos

Dive sitemap: John Nicolson

Carrick castle reef dive map

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