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Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Easy shore dive along the bottom of the reef with the bonus of a U-boat the UC92 to explore. 

Suggested experience: Novice upwards.

Distance from Plymouth: 67 Miles 1hr 42 Mins Google Head along the A38 onto the A30 then turn south at Carland cross roundabout onto the A39. Turn right onto the A390 the left onto the A39, left onto the B3292 onto the A39 onto the cliff road. 

Parking directions: At the top of the ramp down to the beach...

castle beach parking

Lat & Long: N50.145199 W-5.061838  Postcode TR11 4BG

Tides: Tide Tables Avoid diving here in strong easterly or any southeasterly winds

Depth: 8m

Site entry/exit: Just to the right of the lower slope there is a small break in the reef where you can walk through if the water isn't high enough.

Underwater directions: Head down to the bottom of the reef and turn left (45 deg mag) and fin along the reef.

Site Hazards:  

Nearest Public phone: 

Accommodation:  Hostel  Bed&Breakfast Guesthouse

Mobile Network service:   All work here

Other comments:  The remains of a UC92 are on this reef 20m south of the low water mark in front of the Falmouth Hotel, It was one the Uboats that sank at Silver steps,  It has been heavily salvaged as those at the Silver Steps but there is more of it than any of the others.

Pub:  There are some pubs around, the most popular is the Chain Locker about 1 mile away by Customs House Quay 

Created By: Mark Milburn 

Cafe: Gylly Beach Cafe

Air & Nitrox: Atlantic scuba

Date: 17/5/11

Revision: 2

Thanks To: Atlantic scuba

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Surface photos: Contact me

Underwater Photos: By Mark Milburn

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