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Chessil cove1

Alternative Names: Chesil beach, 

Type of Dive: Shore dive on a pebble beach 13 miles south of Dorchester

Suggested experience: Sport diver 

Travel directions: For Weymouth, follow the A37 or A354 to Dorchester, then the A354 to Weymouth and onto Portland via the A354,, the main road is narrow heading into Portland (only route in) and to the left you will normally see sailing boats. When you get to the first island after this go straight on, there is then a right-hand turn which takes you to the beach entry point. Chesil Cove is at the south-east end of Chesil beach.

Parking directions: Car parking at Chesil can be a bit of a problem but the worst that can happen is having to carry the dive kit down to the beach a couple of hundred meters in two trips. If you drive down to near the beach and dump the heavy gear plus a minder at the closest point to the sea it saves a lot of heavy carrying. There is also a free car park just past the Cove House Inn next to the Blue Fish Cafe, Google

Lat & Long: 50.560301, -2.450030 Postcode DT5 1AW  Google

Tides: Tide tables The tide is parallel to the shore making diving safe here. The incoming tide moves to the South East (left as you look at the sea) and outgoing vice versa. Check the weather Here


Site entry/exit: Head down the ramp at the pebble beach. Care must be taken as further along the beach the tide can be strong and it tends to run along the beach. The problem is you can surface a long way from your point of entry.  Utube

chesil cove

Underwater directions: Head out on a bearing of 270 deg over pebbles then onto sand in approx 12 meters. The remains of a shipwreck, the Prevetza, lies opposite the top of the slipway ramp in around 6 meters of water. Always use a Surface Marker Buoy when diving here. You can also dive the Royal Adelaide from the shore...Royal Adelaide

Air & Nitrox: Underwater Explorers  Dive Beyond

Site Hazards: Swell and exiting the water up the pebble slope. This is not for the faint hearted it can be very hard work getting out of the water if there is any swell. The waves hit you on your back and knock you forward and, as each wave retreats, there is a vicious undertow.  If you can get help take it as cameras etc can get damaged. This cove gets very busy especially at bank holiday weekends.

Nearest Public phone: Cove house Inn

Mobile Network service: Most networks work here.

Accommodation: Cottage Weymouth tourist information, 01305 785747. The Aqua

Other comments: Chesil Cove is famous for the sea life, Spotted and Undulate Rays, Dogfish and triggerfish. There are also numerous wrecks in Portland harbour including the Hood, Bombardon Unit, LCT,  Spaniard or the Enicuri, Secret Harbour, Chequered Fort, Countess of Erne, Himalaya, Sea Vixen. Comprehensive information on the beach can be found here 

Pub:  Cove house Inn  The little ship

Cafe: Quiddles Cafe, The Bluefish,

Created by: Yvonne Barnicoat

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Thanks To:  Tony Reed

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Surface Photos: Sue Watson-bate and Tony Reed

Underwater Photos: By Yvonne Barnicoat  and Tony Reed  Utube  Utube  Utube

chesil covechesil covechesil covechesil cove

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