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Churchill Barrier 3

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Churchill Barrier 3 is a great shore dive on the Churchill barrier block ships.

Suggested Experience: Novice with an Instructor.

Travel directions: On the road between Kirkwall and Burray, on the Weddell Sound on a small holm known as Glimps Holm. You cannot miss the spot as some of the shipwrecks can be seen above water.

Parking directions: There are parking spaces on the north and south of the barrier.

Lat & Long: 58.870205, -2.912978  Google

Tides: Tide tables   Best dived at High tide.

Depth: 15m max

Site entry/exit: Entry/exit for the SS Reginald is very easy from the south shore by simply walking into the water and head north.

Churchill barrier 3 entry/exit on the south shore

Entry/exit for the SS Empire Seaman, SS Martis and the SS Gartshore is easy from the north shore by simply walking into the water. Almost as soon as you get into the water you see the propeller, rudder and prop shaft of the SS Gartshore.

Churchill barrier 3 entry/exit on the north shore

Underwater directions: There are four shore divable wrecks and the SS Clio, which can only be dived by boat. The SS Empire Seaman, SS Reginald, SS Martis and SS Gartshore are all Single Screw Steel Steamers. The Empire Seaman is possibly the most enjoyable to dive of all the barrier Blockships. She remains relatively intact and as such provides numerous swim throughs and points of interest. The Martis is in similar condition to the Empire Seaman supporting a vast range of sea life. The Gartshore is a Blockship from WWI, she is very broken up yet the propeller, rudder and prop shaft can still be distinguished. The Reginald is the Iconic wreck which can be seen from the Barrier, The Lapland is totally collapsed and lies directly beneath the concrete causeway.

Air & Nitrox: Scapa scuba

Site Hazards:

Nearest Public phone: None close to here.

Mobile Network service: Contact me


Other comments: The Churchill Barriers can be used as a drysuit course site or for dive kit checkup.

Pub: The Ferry Inn  The Stromness Hotel

Cafe: Julia's Cafe Bistro

Version: 1

Thanks To: Scapa flow historical wreck site

Links: Churchill barrier 2

Created by: John Nicolson

Date: 20/4/18

Surface Photos:  John Nicolson

SS Reginald sternSS Reginald bow

Underwater Photos:  Utube  Utube   Contact me

Dive sitemap: John Nicolson The red spot is the SS Reginald stern the blue spot is the Reginald bow, its broken in two., the green spot is the SS Empire Seaman the black spot is the SS Martis and the yellow spot is the SS Gartshore.

Churchill barrier dive map

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