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Creagan Inn

Alternative Names: Loch Creran, Creagan Inn Site.

Type of Dive: Creagan Inn easy shore dive.beside the Inn.

Suggested Experience: Trainees onwards… 

Travel directions:  From South, head for Oban, continue North on A828, turn right at Connel to *go over the bridge, keep going to the roundabout at Creran Bridge, over the bridge then first exit at the roundabout on the other side, slow down as you immediately approach the right-hand bend, you are turning off into the gravel car park here. From the East, follow the A85 to Connel, then as above…* 

Parking directions: Pub car park now enlarged and surfaced with road planings, right up to the metal gate to the small bay to what remains of the jetty/slipway. The area to pass to get to the edge of the water is very overgrown with natural growth and what looks like deliberate planting, although there is still a way through. We were not hassled by the pub, but it looked likely. I don’t know what access is legally allowed. It looked very much like the pub or landowners of the pub are trying to deter divers, fishermen, kayakers, explorers etc.

Creagan Inn parking

Lat & Long: 56.549699, -5.299974  Postcode PA38 4BQ  Google

Tides:Tide Tables Not a problem diving here if you don't go too far out or its a longer walk back.

Depth: 14m 

Site entry/exit: Grassy/gravel slope, see pics of Peebsac.

Creagan Inn entry/exitCreagan Inn entry/exit

Underwater directions: Simply follow the rocks and Wall to the right at the foot of the Quay. At High Water, swim through the weed and drop to the reef on the right. 

Air & Nitrox: Puffin divers & The underwater centre

Site Hazards: Ebb Tide, there is quite a fierce ebb current at certain times which can take you out to the middle of the loch. If there is a big current, stay close to the bottom on your return to the entry site.                 

Nearest Public phone: Creagan Inn

Mobile Network service: O2 

Accommodation:  Contact me

Pub: Creagan Inn

Cafe:  Creagan Inn         


Created by: Darryl Mayer                     

Date: 22/1/08

Thanks To: Jason Coles and David Sharp for pictures and info.

Other comments: Sandy/ fine gravel bottom, solid rock wall/reef.  Wrasse, Pollack, Juvenile flatties, sea pens, sun stars, brittle stars, crabs of all kinds, whelks, anemones, worms, burrowing anemones, Scallops, Oh, and Seamouse!                                  

Surface Photos: By David Sharp.

Underwater photos: By Darryl Mayer

Brittle starDiver on the reef

Divesite map: Not yet, its an easy site 

Dive report: Chris 29/9/10 Alternative dive to the one mention of the site report. We dived this on an ebb tide. From the old jetty, the tide initially draws you east towards the bridge and we went with this.  Finning out through kelp we descended onto 3m and swan left (East) to descend to 6m+ to follow a small life encrusted wall (sea squirts and saddle oysters) which terminates at slabs at right angles to the run of the wall. Following the slabs (South) across a bed of "clappy dos" where we got onto the sand. The further out we got the stronger the current drawing us back west and at 12m we started crawling back up the sandy bottom. (Queen scallops galore). Finning back (North) to about 8m we got out of the current and found a short wall above a boulder slope. Following this, the current picked up considerably and weakened us around a shoulder. We finned North and surfaced in amongst the islands after 40min plus in the water. Back under and dragged ourselves back down, across muscle bed and boulder slope to resurface at the pier. Good site for a training dive.  Incredibly easy access.

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