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Devils cut2a

Alternative Names: Devils hole and close bye is Hell's Hole, a remarkable subterranean cavern 250 feet long and 8 feet wide, into which the tide rushes with great force. Nearby is a picturesque natural arch called the Devil's Bridge.

Type of Dive:  Gully and sea caves. 

Suggested experience:  Experienced sport diver 

Travel directions:  From Londonderry head north on the A2 then the R238, R242,  to Malin Head.      

Parking directions:   Park at the end of the road as shown below.

Devils cut parking

Lat & Long: N55 22.989 W7 22.325      55.38298700994424 -7.371547222137451  Google map

Site entry/exit: Info to follow 

Underwater directions:  The Devils cut is between Banbas crown (the most northerly point on Ireland) and the mainland and varies in depth from a couple of meters to eighteen. There are also two caves that go right through Banbas crown and you can go through with an experienced diver. 

Site Hazards: Surge and swell 

Nearest Public phone:

Accommodation: Seabank cottage   Inishowen

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Pub: None close to here.

Cafe None close to here.

Created by: Finstrokes 

Air & Nitrox: Dive North  Mevagh Dive Centre  

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Dive Report:  Sarah Bothwell 2003  The gully rises and falls from 18m up to 4m and was so narrow in places that you could touch both walls, which were as smooth as butter. The scenery was stark with only a lone lobster to be seen. Lots of big boulders block the way. As I peered under one boulder, contemplating if I could fit thru, I was sucked through by the swell! At this point, we arrived into a big cavern that led out to sea. It was a bit surgy but probably possible to swim out to sea if you stay deep. The scenery and rock formations were no other site I've dived. Make sure your cylinder is full if you are aiming to go straight thru and out the east side

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