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Dogfish reef

Alternative Names:   Dogfish dive

Type of Dive: Dogfish reef is a great shore dive on a boulder slope in Loch Fyne well known for the amazing amount of Dogfish.

Suggested Experience: Advanced trainee with good buoyancy.

Travel directions:  Leaving Glasgow on the A82 turn left at Tarbet on to the A83, through Arrochar and over the rest and be thankful and through Inveraray. Turn left info furnace and drive past the Furnace Inn till you see the sign in the parking picture. 

Parking directions:  Park in the road beside the small car park not in the car park. Then walk down the road to the dive site (see pictures below) Google

Dogfish reef parkingDogfish reef

From Glasgow: 56 Miles

Lat & Long: N56.150821  W-5.177361 Postcode PA32 8XP Google

Tides: Tide tables  Tides do not cause a problem at any stage of the tide.

Site entry/exit: Walk down to the shore and enter / exit as per the pictures below 

Dogfish reef entry/exit

Underwater directions: Head down to your chosen depth and turn left round into the bay and back. Can be dived any state of the tide. This dive is the most amazing site for dogfish I have dived. There can be hundreds of dogfish here in February. 

Air & Nitrox: Aquatron  Splashsports Loch Fyne dive charters

Depth: 50m+             

Site Hazards: Fishing line.                    

Nearest Public phone: Phone box Furnace Village (near the furnace Inn as in the pic below) 


Mobile Network service:  Orange

Other comments: Most dogfish are to be found in early Feb to mid-March but they can be found here all year. Take a sharp knife here as you will find fishing line and crabs etc entangled in the line. Remember to keep the dive site clean and remove any rubbish you find which will help to keep access to this great site.

Pub: Furnace Inn / The George Hotel (Inveraray) 

Cafe: Furnace Cafe  

Version: 3

Thanks to: Aquatron for organising a dive site clean up.

Links:  Link 

Created by: John Nicolson                       

Date: 30/4/07                                  

Surface Photos:

U/Water Photos:  By John Nicolson  Utube  Utube  Utube 

AnemonedogfishShoal of small fishdogfish

Divesite map: By John Nicolson

Furnace quarry8

Dive Report: Flipside 4/1/09 I dived this site yesterday for the first time, I was amazed at the amount of dogfish that were on this reef, the weather was cold and but dry, sea conditions were a state 0, underwater viz 9-10 meters. the only thing that ruined this dive was the amount of dogfish caught on old fishing line and hooks, I managed to get 3 off the hooks and untangle one but there was allot that were dead.

Dive Report:  Mikey b   23/1/11 Arrived to find a mirror-calm sea and bright sun, viz was very very good at around 8m and we had a great wee bimble about at 37m at the bottom of the bottom of the boulder slope. The site certainly lived up to its name and we counted around 15 Dogfish between 28m and 37m, a lot of them in pairs. Sadly my buddy had been messing about with the conservatism settings on his computer and we had 11 minutes of stops while my computer only showed 4...

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