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Dwarwick pier

Alternative Names:   None.

Type of Dive: Dwarwick pier is an easy shore dive from the slip

Suggested experience: Novice upwards

Distance from Aberdeen: 226 Miles  5 Hrs 20 Mins  Leave Aberdeen head for Inverness over the Dornach firth to Thurso and west to Dunnet. Google

Parking directions: There is parking for seven cars and seats.

Dwarwick pier parking

Lat & Long: 58.621894,-3.367449 Postcode KW14 8YD  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 14m

Site entry/exit: Simple entry and exit at the slip. (see picture above)

Underwater directions: To Follow

Air & Nitrox: Caithness diving club  Make a donation to the upkeep of the compressor, They have nitrox as well  Divenortheast

Site Hazards:  

Nearest Public phone:  Castlehill

Mobile Network service:

Accommodation:  St. Clair Arms Hotel   Greenland House

Other comments: This dive guide is still being worked on...

Pub: St. Clair Arms Hotel

Cafe: Thurso

Created By: John Nicolson

Date: 18/6/11

Revision: 1

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Surface Photos:

Underwater Photos: Contact me

Dive Map: Contact me

Dive Report: 1/1/12 Downunder  About the only dive site between Durness and Wick I would not rave about. Only did one dive. Looking in the logbook, we went straight out from the pier which went onto the sand. Featureless, spotted a few sole, dogfish and the occasional crab. Max depth 14m. Turned right, parallel to the shore towards the cliffs, still featureless sand. Came in close to the shore, boulders and rock slope covered by a thick kelp park between 7-12m. Urchins, spider crabs, a few nudibranchs and some schooling fish at the rock/sand junction. The junction was the only interesting part of our dive. Might be some sort of interesting feature/life around towards the cliffs, but we did not cover a large distance

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