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East shag rock

Alternative Names: Meadfoot beach, Morris Rouge reef 

Type of Dive: Shore dive with a surface swim out to the rock. If you don't fancy a long surface swim (10-15 mins) you can dive along the road at the car park. Meadfoot beach

Suggested experience:  Novice upwards...

Travel directions: Google

Parking directions: Google Parking along the road is free.

Distance from Exeter: 24 Miles 45 Mins 

Lat & Long: 50.45441,-3.507396 Postcode TQ1 2LQ  Google

Tides: Its best to dive here on slack water. Tide Tables

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit:  Kit up on the road and walk down the path to the shore where its an easy walk into the water.

East shag rock entry/exit

Underwater directions:  Surface swim out to the rock as you will save a lot of air and you don't have to trust your navigation. Once at the rock you can look round and fin back to the shore underwater. Or you can walk out to the headland and have a shorter snorkel out to the rock and head back to the beach. There are gullies and peaks in 9m on the landward side, with crabs in the rocks and flatfish on the surrounding sand. Cuttlefish are often seen here in the summer. The 11m high rock is also rated as a very pretty night dive.

Air & Nitrox: Dive Torquay   Divers down

Site Hazards: To Follow

Nearest Public phone: The Osborne Hotel

Mobile Network service: All networks work well here.

Accommodation: Tourist Information on 01548 843927. 

Other comments: The visibility is reduced here when the sea is choppy. This is a site where an SMB must be used as there can be a lot of boat traffic.  Avoid diving here when you have strong easterly and southeasterly winds. There is also another dive here called Morris Rouge reef position (50.455312, -3.502332) Google  Its 550m east from the nearest shore point to East shag rock.

Pub: None close to here.

Cafe: A great beach Cafe

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Links: Morris Rouge reef 

Created by: Finstrokes

Date: 15/4/11

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