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Elie harbour

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Elie harbour is a very easy shore dive around the point.

Suggested Experience: All levels, good training area.

Travel directions:  Take A917until you reach Elie. At the eastern end of Elie’s main street, you’ll see Station Buffet on left. Turn right at this point and follow the road around past the Ship Inn.

Parking directions: Keep going towards the harbour, the car park is on left, now pay and display (parking is now £2.20 for 2 hours or £4.50 all day.).

From Edinburgh:    M90 over the bridge onto A92, A915, A917    45 Miles  1 hour 18 Min's  Google

Lat & Long: 56.185344, -2.820176  Postcode KY9 1DT  Google map

Tides: Tide tables

Site entry/exit:  Main entry is down the slip from the car park and a short swim out the channel. Another entry is from the steps or giant stride off harbour pier – to be recommended at high tide only! 

Elie harbour entry/exitElie harbour

Underwater directions: This is an easy shallow dive usually with quite a lot of life around. Exit the channel from the slipway and basically keep the rocks on your right side all the way around. There are a number of blind alleys so there is a chance of being disoriented. Max depth is between 6-8m. At the harbour wall toward the end of the dive, you’ll find a large square opening that you can swim through which takes you right through and into the yacht mooring area.

Air & Nitrox: Dive Bunker, Burntisland. Splash Sports, Dundee

Site Hazards: Best done at slack water before the tide turns. If you catch it late beware, the tide races out of the harbour basin and it’s a real hard fin back in. Alternatively, start at the harbour pier and keep rocks on the left side, exit on the slipway.

Nearest Public phone:  Yachting club next to car park.

Mobile Network service:  Most networks

Pub: Ship Inn, Station buffet. 

Cafe: Elie Deli

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Created by: dj_diver

Date: 7/08/07

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Elie harbour dive map

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