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Alternative Names: None  

Type of Dive: Fanagmore on Loch Laxford is a shore dive in a very scenic location with plenty of sea life.

Suggested experience: Any

Travel directions: From Lairg follow the A838 towards Kinlochbervie and then turn left onto the A894. Follow this for some miles and then take the second on the right, this is signed Fanagmore and Tarbet. Follow the road past the turnings for Tarbet on the left and further on the turning on the right for Foindle. Shortly after passing a right turn saying no unauthorised access there will be a crossroads. Continue straight on and down towards the bay but park before you get to the slip on the right. This is a very long and winding route over single track roads but very beautiful as you pass many small inland lochs.  Google

Parking directions: Fishermen tend to park in the area just immediately above the slip, therefore I would avoid this so you don't upset the locals. There is another parking space a little further up slightly around the corner.

Lat & Long: N58.398694  W-5.119157  Postcode  IV27  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 16-18m

Site entry/exit: Off the slip 

Fanagmore slip

Underwater directions: Enter the water off the slip and swim out to the point on the left keeping the shore rocks on your left. These rocks are thickly covered in kelp, but there are long-legged scorpion crabs and sea toads to find, along with topknots etc. Swimming to the point takes about 10 mins depending on how fast you swim, there is a lot of life in the kelp here so it may take a little longer. As you get to the point the rocks become steeper and the depth is around 16-18m. There are long clawed squat lobster hiding in the cracks along with velvet crabs and leopard spotted gobies. I also found some juvenile flatfish on the sand and an angular crab. Poor cod were lurking around along with some sinny and small shoals of juvenile fish. There are lots of different types of sea squirts adorning the rocks, spiny and common sea stars in addition to the odd sun star. Along the bottom of the rocks where the rocks meet the sand, there were dozens of humpback prawns. I found quite a few nudibranchs, orange clubbed, polycera, fried egg and a sea lemon and I wasn't even looking that hard so I would think this would be a good place for nudibranch in the spring. This is a great little dive in a very scenic location. 

Air & Nitrox:  Jimmy Crooks at Lochinver Tel 01571 844 362,  Lazy Crofter at Durness Tel 01971 511202  and James Forsyth in Scourie Tel 01971502315. 

Site Hazards: Possibly the odd small boat.

Nearest Public phone: None near here

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: Hill cottage  Loads of places for wild camping.

Other comments: 

Pub: Scourie 6 miles away

Cafe: None so take everything you need.

Created By: Jane Wilkinson

Date: August 2012

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Surface photos: By Jane Wilkinson

Underwater photos:   By Jane Wilkinson


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