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Alternative Name(s): The A Frames,   Finnart oil Terminal

Type of dive: Finnart on Loch Long is a gentle slope on a reef and wreckage of an old pier 

Suggested experience: Suitable for trainees. 

Travel directions: From Glasgow travel west on the M8 onto the A82 then turn left onto the A817  turning right at the roundabout onto the A814 and continue until you come to Finnart ocean terminal.  Google map

Parking directions: There are two car parks, use the one nearest the entry point.


From Glasgow: 40 miles, 1 hr  5 mins  Google map

Lat & Long: N56.117729   W-4.830776  Postcode G84 0EZ  Google

Tides: Tide tables Tides are not a problem here except at depth on springs.

Site entry/exit: There is a small ramp at the back of the car park and a cleared path down the beach.

Finart entry/exit

Underwater directions: Swim straight out from shore ( follow u/w map below)

Site Hazards: Watch out for fast cars and motorbikes on A814, Silt can cut viz if dive site is busy or if a ship has just come in. 

Nearest Public phone: In the first car park (old red one) 

Mobile Network service: Orange, Vodaphone 

Pub: The Village Inn, The Arrochar Hotel 

Cafe: Pit Stop Diner, Arrochar   The green kettle

Other comments: The site is an old pier, which was dynamited. This is a great site as long as there are not too many divers. I have seen most of the sea life here you get all around the west coast. You can also dive the 29 Steps close to here if you are on a training day. Don't forget to use the comments at the bottom of the page to let other Divers know what its like to dive here.

Thanks to: Donald Fullarton of Helensburgh Heritage Trust for the old pier picture.


Air & Nitrox: Aquatron  Splashsports

Revision: 4 

Created by: John Nicolson 

Date: 24/04/07

Surface Photos: Below is an old picture showing the pier before it was knocked down. 

Finnart old pier

Underwater pics: By John Nicolson  Utube   Utube

Finnart old pier legFinnart old pier legFinnart old pier leg

Dive Map: By Jim Martin

Finnart pier dive map

Dive Report: dj_diver  Had a nice training dive yesterday at the A-Frames. A young lad I was instructing did really he's now a qualified Ocean Diver. Very happy!! Max depth - 18m Duration - 42 mins (including 15 Min's skills) Viz - 6-8m once under the initial 3m thermocline Temp - 10 deg Tide - ebb - almost low water.

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