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Fishermans Wharf

Alternative Names: House reef, Children's Corner

Type of Dive: Gentle protected shore dive south of Lowestoft harbour.

Suggested Experience: Novice

Travel directions: On the A47 from the north cross the bridge and turn 1st left onto marine parade road and the car park is on the left. On the A12 from the south in Lowestoft at the second roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Mill Rd and turn left onto London road then right into Marine parade road and the car park is on the left

Parking directions: There is a large pay and display car park 60m from the beach.

Lat & Long:  52.470287, 1.750217  Postcode NR33 0AQ  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 5m

Site entry/exit: Its a very easy entry 20m from the viewpoint.

Fishermans Wharf entry/exitFishermans Wharf entry/exit

Underwater directions: It's a small bay and shallow, keep in the protected area unless the conditions are calm and explore. The seabed is rocky and there are plenty of large rocks where crab and lobster hide.

Air & Nitrox: Cristal seas scuba  In Norwich  Galaxsea  in Ipswich

Site Hazards: Visibility and swell. 

Nearest Public phone: Contact me

Mobile Network service: Most work here.

Accommodation: Cottages

Other comments: Visibility can be poor here unless there has been a period of calm weather.

Pub: Fishermans Wharf

Cafe: East Point Pavilion coffee shop and Tides Reach.

Version: 1

Thanks To: Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club.

Links: Link

Created by:  Simon Boor

Date: 30/7/18

Surface Photos: Simon Boor

Underwater Photos:   Utube  Utube Contact me

Dive sitemap: Not required here as its a small dive site.

Dive Report: Comment in the box below.