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Wreck Information: The Cherokee chief sunk at anchor and is the biggest wreck and the first one you come to. There is a small dia copper wire from midships on the port side of the Cherokee chief to the next wreck Golden West it's more broken up than the Chief.

Travel directions: From Glasgow travel west on the M8 onto the A82 then turn left onto the A817 (glen fruin rd )  turning left at the roundabout onto the A814 down to the next roundabout and turn right and drive through Garelochhead turning first left up the other side of the Loch on the Rosneath Rd. After the last of the houses on the right-hand side of the road there is an old house on the right (burned out) there is a small road pointing towards the sea. 

Parking directions: Park on the road to the old house. This is all changing just now Contact me

Lat & Long:  56.071842, -4.837698    Google map

Underwater directions: Fin straight out from shore to 12m and turn left this will take you to the starboard side of the Cherokee chief. If you then fin to the other side of the Cherokee chief when you are finished looking at her there is a small copper wire on the seabed that leads you to another wreck, more broken up than the Cherokee chief. 

Depth: 15m  

Tides: Tide tables        

Accommodation: To Follow

Suggested experience: Sport Diver

Other comments:  Contact the security at the sub base (at the second roundabout) before diving here. I have been visited by military Police because I did not inform Faslane security.  There are microphones in the Loch and they know you are there. Phone MOD Police 01436 674321 Ext 3817 

Mobile Network service:  Orange

Pub: The Anchor Inn, Garelochhead

Created by:  John Nicolson 

Air & Nitrox: Aquatron  Splashsports

Date: 10/5/07 


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