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Girdle Ness Lighthouse

Alternative Names: Girdle Ness

Type of Dive: Girdle Ness Lighthouse can be a very good shore dive in good conditions

Suggested Experience: Experienced sports diver.

Travel directions: From the south on the A90 turn right onto the A956 at the roundabout turn right onto the south esplanade to the end and turn right onto Sinclair road onto Greyhope road to the Lighthouse.

Parking directions: Park at the lighthouse entrance but don't block the entrance.

Girdle Ness Lighthouse parking

Lat & Long: 57.140123, -2.047765  Postcode AB11 8QX  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 10-15m

Site entry/exit: Simple walk down the path into the water. (See pictures below)

Girdle Ness Lighthouse entry/exitGirdle Ness Lighthouse entry/exit 

Underwater directions: Stay close to the entrance and watch for currents.

Air & Nitrox: Core94  

Site Hazards: Should be avoided in Easterlies due to the swell. 

Nearest Public phone:

Mobile Network service: Most work here.

Accommodation: Always hard around Aberdeen.

Other comments:  Don't stray too far from the mouth of the bay.

Pub: None close to here.

Cafe: None close to here.

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Links: None I can find.

Created by: John Nicolson

Date: 28/5/18

Surface Photos: Wreckage of the boiler from the G Koch on the shore here.

Girdle Ness Lighthouse

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