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Alternative Names: Dougies reef  

Type of Dive: Glen Douglas road end on Loch Long is a steep 60 deg slope and walls to 53m.

Suggested Experience: Experienced sport diver 

Travel directions: If approaching from the south on the A82 from Glasgow, turn left onto the Glen Fruin road (new road) turning right at the roundabout at the end of the road onto the A814 and continue north. Park on the road on the right signposted for Glen Douglas 4.7 miles north of Green Kettle Inn.  From Arrochar, it is 3.6 miles south of the Pit Stop Diner. (greasy spoon)   Google

From Glasgow: 43 Miles  1 Hr 10 Min's

Parking directions: Parking for Five cars on the Glen Douglas road Junction

Glen Douglas road end parking

Lat & Long: N56.158042  W-4.796130 Google map

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: To  56m

Site entry/exit: Kit up on the Glen Douglas road, cross over the A814 and step over the barrier about 10m to the left of the junction facing the sea.  There is a path down to a steep drop onto flat slippery rocks with seaweed

gdre10Glen Douglas road end entry/exit

Underwater directions: Swim straight out to 15m then turn right up the loch.  There are a few small cliffs from 15 to 40m and it's generally like the Midway dive site.  If you swim straight out down the slope you will bottom out at 56m very quickly.   

Air & Nitrox: Aquatron   Splashsports  

Site Hazards: Fast cars and bikes on A814, and Depth 

Nearest Public phone: Arrochar beside The Pit Stop Diner 

Mobile Network service: Orange.Vodaphone 

Pub: Village Inn, Arrochar Hotel  

Cafe: Pit Stop Diner, Three Villages Cafe,   Arrochar Tea Room  Arrochar 


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Underwater Photos: By John Nicolson   Utube

Fireworks anemoneFireworks anemone

Created by: John Nicolson 

Date: April 07  

Dive map: By John Nicolson


Dive Report: John Nicolson 5/5/07 Dived here with EKSAC and had a great dive the viz was 6-8m which is good for here. I got lovely pictures of firework anemones. 

Dive Report: John Nicolson 12/5/08 Did some deep training for Scapa tonight with Meeko at GDRE and the viz was great 15m+ best I've had here and now realize there are lots of small cliffs and if you go left (facing the water) there are a few good cliffs at 24 - 30m..... The anemones are ab-fab here tons of them.

Dive Report: John Wood 6/7/21 There is also a boulder reef to the left of the entry and within 30m depth for those who don't want the technical or deep side of that site. I would add to the right side of the entry there is a sheer wall that's a spectacular experience to drop down or come back up on