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Alternative Names: None.

Type of Dive: Shore wreck and reef at the south of the Isle of Arran.

Suggested Experience: Novice in good conditions. 

Travel directions: From Lamlash its 11 miles and 30 mins. Head south-west on the Ross for 8.3 miles and turn left onto the A841 for 1.3 miles to signpost for Kilmory workshop and south 0.2 miles.

Parking directions: Park at the end of the road down to the shore.

Lat & Long: 55.434645, -5.222844  870m east of River Lagg   Postcode KA27 8PQ  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: Wreck depth 4m - 10m High tide.

Site entry/exit: Its a simple walk down to the sand beach beside the finger reef turn east walk 400m and head straight out. (see map below)

Glenann entry/exit 

Underwater directions: Head straight out from the shore with the reef on your right (west) the wreck is broken up and you will only find the stern post, iron propeller and shaft, engine parts, plates, frames and condenser tubing dispersed along the smaller reefs.

Air & Nitrox: Octopus Centre

Site Hazards: Swell from the south.

Nearest Public phone:  The Lagg hotel 

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Accommodation:  Kilmory Hall & Bunkhouse      The Lagg hotel   Self catering.

Other comments: The Glenann was an Iron steamship which ran aground on Bennan Head. She lies at right angles to the reef, with the bows to the east. The stern is about 180 metres offshore at high water

Pub:  The Lagg hotel

Cafe:  The wee bite.

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Created by: John Nicolson

Date: 23/2/19

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Glenann dive map

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