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Green ends gully

Alternative Names: Nest end reef and Gunsgreen.

Type of Dive: Shore dive in gullies.

Suggested Experience: All grades with basic experience

Travel directions: A1, turn off for Eyemouth on the A1107, 2 miles at a roundabout turn right to the New Harbour

Parking directions:  Parking is paid for with the Justpark app price dependant on how long you stay.

Green ends gully parking

Lat & Long: N55:52:20 W2:05:05 Postcode TD14 5SD Google map

Tides: Tide tables This site is best done on a high tide as the access is easier and the dive is better.

Site entry/exit: Walk down the start of the gully or walk down disused sewage pipe which is concreted over into a path as in the pictures below.

Green ends gully entry/exitGreen ends gully entry/exit

Underwater directions: Two entry points, the first is small gully to the left (north-west facing) this is over some boulders and kelp and then it drops quickly to 11 meters into a steep-sided gully with undercuts, cracks and ledges, housing lobsters, crabs, squatties, gobies and the occasional octopus. further out you come to a gully on your right this takes you through another narrow gully that opens out onto a sandy bottom, loads of other gully's and large boulders covered in kelp and soft corals to explore here, it is also possible to swim round into the next bay, and exit via the old sewage pipe. Care should be taken as currents can run quite strong here. Going straight on at the gully passed a large boulder, the gully widens out and then comes to a 't' junction, turning left it shallows out and eventually you end up at the breakwater for the new harbour, (this used to be the exit point), turning right this takes you around via a network of gullies to the next bay, again take care for currents and don't go to far north as this takes you into the harbour fairway. 

The Second entry is off the Old Sewage Pipe (now a concrete path), onto a dense kelp bed with breaks onto sandy patches, heading West takes you around the network of Gullies described above and back into Green ends gully or further and exit on the stony beach. Heading East takes you into some shallower bays and gullies and exit in the entry point. 

Air & Nitrox:   Marinequest   Divestay

Site Hazards: Slippy at LW with a scramble over the rocks, Surge,  fishing line.            

Nearest Public phone: Eyemouth 

Mobile Network service: All Networks

Other comments:  Best not to dive here after heavy wind or lumpy seas as it reduces the viz to one or two meters. 

Pub: Various in Eyemouth 

Cafe: Divers Cafe at  Marinequest   Harbourside

Revision: 5    

Thanks To: Genine Keogh, Fiona Smith and Keith Waugh.

Created by: Stevie Adams                      

Date: 26/05/07                                  

Surface Photos:  Genine Keogh, Fiona Smith.

U/Water Photos: By Keith Waugh

Green ends gullyGreen ends gullyGreen ends gullyGreen ends gully

Divesite map: By Keith Waugh

Green ends gully dive map

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