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Haven point

Alternative Names: South Sheilds Pier, 

Type of Dive: Haven point in South Sheilds is a shore and wreck dive at South Sheilds Pier.

Suggested Experience: Novice in good conditions

Travel directions: In south Sheilds Follow the Commercial Rd onto the B1344 to the car park.

Parking directions: In the pay and display on the South Sheilds Pier.

Lat & Long: 55.005862, -1.420190 Postcode NE33 2JX  Google

Tides: Tide tables   River Tyne (North Shields)

Depth: 10m max

Site entry/exit: Head out of the car park and turn right down the beach entering the water beside the pier. (see pictures below)

Haven point entry/exitHaven point entry/exit

Underwater directions: Heading out keeping the pier on your right staying close to the rocks as the best life is to be found here as long as there are no fishermen. The middle of the bay is silty and all the usual fish associated with this and poorer visibility. The wreck of the Paddle Steamer Southsea is at the end of the pier.

Air & Nitrox:   Deepblue   Aquanorth    The Diving Centre

Site Hazards: Fishermen on the pier,  hooks and line.

Nearest Public phone: There is no public phone near here.

Mobile Network service: Most networks work well here.

Accommodation: Contact me

Other comments: The red brick building you can see, and its reflection in the water, (pictured below) is one of the marks for the Southsea. There is a painted corner on the east side of the building. The other end of that line is the end of the Groyne, a small inner pier. The wreck is about 60 yds off the beach at low tide and about 200 yds towards the Groyne. The south pier is 1.25 miles long and the beach in the photo about 800yds long with the Groyne at its northern end.  Google wreck

Haven pointHaven point

Pub: Little Haven hotel

Cafe: Oceanbeach

Version: 1

Thanks To: Graham Garfoot

Links: None I can find.

Created by: Graham Garfoot

Date: 30/10/18

Surface Photos:     

Underwater Photos:  Contact me

Dive sitemap: 

Haven point dive map

Dive Report: Comment in the box below.