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High shore

Alternative Names: Macduff

Type of Dive: Easy shore dives often used for training.

Suggested Experience: Novice with Instructor.

Travel directions: From entering Macduff on the A98 turndown Mariner street onto High shore and park as the info below. From Aberdeen 48 miles 1hr 15mins Inverness 75 miles 2 hrs

Tides: Tide tables  best dived near high tide

Air & Nitrox: Divenortheast 

Nearest Public phone:

Mobile Network service: Contact me


Pub: Plough  Bayview Hotel  The old moray

Cafe: None close to here.

Version: 2

Thanks To: Divenortheast 

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Created by: Catherine Hollingdale

Date: 13/1/18


Dive one

Parking directions: Park along the shore wall close to the steps leaving room for cars to pass.

High shore steps

Lat & Long: 57.671838, -2.487830  Postcode AB44 1SL  Google

Depth: 10m+

Site entry/exit: Use the steps over the seawall and walk down the stony beach into the water.

High shore

Underwater directions: Head straight out keeping the finger of rock to your left and explore in and out of the kelp toped gully's that are covered in anemones and dead men's fingers. It's not a problem if you get lost here as its easy to get out the water along the shore.

Site Hazards: Swell and northeast winds.

Other comments:

Surface Photos:  Catherine Hollingdale   

U/Water Photos: By Catherine Hollingdale 

Diver at High shoreHigh shore at water level

Dive sitemap: Contact me


Dive Two

Parking directions: Park on the pebbles at the end of Wards Lane

High shore site two parking

Lat & Long: 57.674103, -2.485120  Google

Depth: 10m+

Site entry/exit: Enter as per the first picture and exit on the second also see dive map below.

High shore entry pointHigh shore exit point

Underwater directions:   Enter the water descend and head west and keep to rocks on your right, there's then a pinnacle rock to your left and a narrow gulley on your right, head through keep right and you are at the arch, come out the arch, keep right and you come to the cave. There are numerous ways to do this dive it but that gives you an idea of the site.

Site Hazards: Swell and northeast winds.

Other comments:

Surface Photos:  Catherine Hollingdale   

U/Water Photos:   Utube   Utube

High shore archHigh shore10

Dive sitemap: By Catherine Hollingdale 

High shore 2 dive map

Dive Report: Comment in the box below.