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Hive beach

Alternative Names: None.

Type of Dive: Hive beach is a popular shore dive often used for training.

Suggested Experience: Novice upwards.

Travel directions: Just off the B3157 at Burton Bradstock between Weymouth and Bridport.

Parking directions: Easy parking in the National Trust car park at the shore £1 per hour up to 4-5 hours then its cheaper.

Lat & Long: 50.695920, -2.723005 Postcode DT6 4RF  Google

Tides: Tide tables  best 2 hours before high water (Portland), until 4 hours after high water so you drift to the east.

Depth: 8m

Site entry/exit: Enter the water in front of the cliffs to the right (west).

Hive beach entry/exit

Underwater directions: head out 90 deg to the shore for 150-200m. Turn left (East) and follow the reef until it disappears and head into the shore.

Air & Nitrox: Old harbour dive centre  Scimitar diving

Site Hazards:  The beach is steeply shelving and it can be difficult to get out with swell or high waves.

Nearest Public phone:

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: The Seaside Boarding House

Other comments: A fault runs through the car park and out to sea, with sandstone to the west and clay to the east.


Cafe: Hive beach cafe    The Anchor

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Created by: Jim Booth

Date: 12/6/16

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