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Hook head

Alternative Names: Hook Head Lighthouse, Tower Hole.

Type of Dive: Stunning shore dive with Caves, Tunnels, Gullys and wrecks.

Suggested Experience: Experienced club diver. 

Travel directions: Coming south on the M50 from Dublin Take N11, M11 and N11 to N25 turn right onto R733 to R737 and continue south to Hook head.

Parking directions: Plenty of parking at the lighthouse at the end of the road.

Hook head parking

Lat & Long: 52.122705, -6.930231  Google

Tides:  My Weather  Hook head is subject to strong tidal currents and should only be dived at slack water.

Depth: 20m+

Site entry/exit: Get kitted up and walk down to the water and sit on the ledges to put on your fins.

Hook head entry/exit 

Underwater directions: Don't head out past the point keep the rock face to your left and you will come across a small cave then head further along the rock face until it opens into a channel on the left, head along for 30m then turn right to follow a rock wall which is now to your right head out along this wall exploring until you have to come back following the same route.

Air & Nitrox: Hook Sub-Aqua Club   Aquaventures

Site Hazards: Conditions have to be good to dive here.

Nearest Public phone: 

Mobile Network service: Contact me

Accommodation: Hook hostel +353 87 785 8662

Other comments: Some of the Royal Arthur’s cargo of walrus tusks and hides have been found in this area.


Cafe: In the lighthouse.

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Created by: Penguin

Date: 13/4/16

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