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Imachar dive site               

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive:  Shore dive on the west of the Isle of Arran

Suggested Experience: Novice in good conditions.

Travel directions: From Brodick pier head north on the A841 at the roundabout take the first exit onto the B880 and stay on this road until you hit the sea and turn right (north) its 3.9 miles to Imachar dive site.

Parking directions: There is parking for 4 cars in the layby.

Imachar layby

Lat & Long: 55.608040, -5.392366   Postcode KA27 8HR  Google maps

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 14m

Site entry/exit: Its a very easy walk from the layby down the stony beach into the water.

Imachar entry/exit

Underwater directions: Boulder rocks then short kelp. Kelp continued 30-40 metres out, then cleared at 5m depth. Sea bed cobbles with large boulders with patches of kelp. The kelp cleared completely, A plateau at 14 m, white cucumbers, large edible crabs, all kinds of starfish, massive 7 armed starfish, many cushion stars, bloody henry stars, scallops. Excellent vis 15m+. slight current, no surge. Clean not silty, hydroids on boulders, nudibranchs, brown cerianthus, Myxocola worms, plumose on boulders. Surprisingly few fish.

Air & Nitrox:  Octopus Centre

Site Hazards:

Nearest Public phone: 3.9 miles south at Machrie

Phone box

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Accommodation: Lochranza Youth Hostel    Willow cottage     Westfield house

Other comments:  The main ferry crossing all year round is from Ardrossan in Ayrshire to Brodick. Booking is essential (Tel: Brodick +44 (0) l770 302166 or Ardrossan +44 (0) 1294 463470).      In the Summer (April - October) a smaller ferry also runs from Lochranza to Kintyre.

Pub: The Lochranza Hotel

Cafe:  The sandwich station  

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Created by:  Jason Gregory

Date:  29/1/20

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Underwater Photos:   By Jason Gregory 


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