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Innellan pier1old picture of Innellan pier

Alternative Names: None 

Type of Dive: Gentle shore dive on the remains of Innellan pier on the other side of the Clyde from Wemyss Bay, 4 miles south of Dunoon It is a perfect training site, great for navigation drills, great for sea search and just a lovely easy dive

Suggested Experience: Novice upwards

Travel directions:  Google  1hr 42min from Glasgow,     Ferry timetable and prices

Parking directions:  There is parking for thirteen cars in the car park.

Innellan pier car parking

Lat & Long:  55.895295, -4.952598  Goggle map Postcode  PA23 7TE

Tides: Tide tables     Willyweather on the ebb you can get current the further you go out so best to dive on the flood or at HW.

Depth: 10m

Site entry/exit: In behind the recycling bins on the north wall, there is public access to the waterfront via some steps. Once you reach the Pier Wall you have 2 options for entry. At all states of the tide, you can follow the wall which breaks very kindly offering easy steps down to the shingle beach where you can lean against the wall or sit on rocks to gear up, or nearer to High Water you can also have a fun stride entry off the pier wall

Innellan pier5Innellan pier entry/exit

Underwater directions: When you submerge, follow the pier wall out and you will start to notice some of the old pier legs amongst some other structure. Very simply follow this structure out to the East. The remains of the pier head out into the Clyde around 70-80m I would say. There are lots of old wooden timbers to be found which are an incredible size, along with various pieces of the metal structure. At the end of the site you will be in around 10m of water and what will appear is flat sand and broken shells, so you can turn back here. In among the remains of the pier is a variety of life from crabs/lobster to wrasse, pollock and poor cod. In the summer the shallow remains are covered in kelp and home a variety of small nudibranchs, 15 spine sticklebacks and lots more.

Air & Nitrox:   Wreckspeditions  Glasgow  Aquatron  Splashsports

Site Hazards: At certain states of the tide especially on ebb you can get current the further you go out so best to dive on the flood or at HW.

Nearest Public phone: In the car park as shown in the picture.

Mobile Network service:  Most phone signals are fine here, Vodafone EE 3 all work.

Accommodation:    Self-catering and Hotels

Other comments: The pier was finally closed in 1972 and dismantled in the mid-1990s. there are public toilets across the road.

Pub:  The Villagers Royal  The Osborne

Cafe: The Osborne will do lunches and meals

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Thanks To: Dalmadan for the old pic of the pier

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Created by: Jason Coles

Date:  26/3/20

Surface Photos:  Jason Coles

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