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Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive: Shore dive in Loch Alsh on a silt slope

Suggested Experience: Novice upwards

Travel directions: From Glasgow 154 miles / 3 hours A82 through Fort William, turning left at Invergarry onto A87. 15 miles before reaching the Skye Bridge at Kyle of Lochalsh

Parking directions: Turn left down Glebe Road and park on the grass just past the slip or by the church. There is a layby facing the loch that is only used for turning don't park there.

Lat & Long:  57.234277, -5.430872  Postcode IV40 8HD  Google

Tides: Tide tables  Can be dived at any state of the tide. Low water just means a longer walk across rocks and seaweed.

Depth: All 3 types of Seapen and fireworks anemones can be found from 22m+.

Site entry/exit: From the parking layby, there is a small slip/slope on the left, which gives access to the shore. On the shore looking out is a mooring buoy with green boat usually attached. A direct bearing south (see picture below)

Inverinate site entry/exit

Underwater directions: Simply head south out to chosen depth, choosing either left or right on the slight slope and north to return to the shore. Easy to do as a night dive for access also many areas along the shore to exit if the need arises or you miss the slip. Easiest as a HW dive as less far to walk over weed and rocks, however, little effect is felt this far up the loch even on very big spring tides as last weekend was. Suitable as a day or night dive with the highlights being all 3 types of sea pen, huge fireworks anemones, little cuttlefish, stout-bobtail squid, red and tub gurnards, thornback rays, dogfish and the usual array of crabs, flatfish and sea loch anemones.

Air & Nitrox: Dave Black of 5 Bells Diving in Lochcarron.  Tel07812 605 771 Facebook

Site Hazards: There are a few small boats moored up along this stretch of loch but in all the dives I’ve done here not heard or seen any moving but would advise an SMB be carried. Slippy rocks and weed on entry and exit.

Nearest Public phone: Garage on the main A87 road

Mobile Network service: 3 Mobile had full signal.

Accommodation:  Several in Inverinate and Kyle of Lochalsh. Kintail Lodge Hotel also offers budget bunk room accommodation Duirinish Holiday Lodges and  Caberfeidh Guest House Tel01599 555293   Red house

Other comments: Just be aware of changing / decent behaviour in front of these peoples houses and to remove all rubbish and litter. This site won't come as a surprise to most divers as it's in a shore diving book by Jane Wilkinson and I dived this last year and its mentioned in her recent Loch Duich article. However, John said that site information should be free and so I agreed to do this guide for him to get peace and quiet.

Pub: Kintail Lodge Hotel

Cafe: None

Revision:  2

Thanks To: Jane Wilkinson


Created by: Jo Rawley

Date: 13/9/2010

Surface Photos:  Contact me

U/Water Photos:   Jane Wilkinson

Fireworks anemone

Sea penSea pen

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