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Inverkip bay

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Inverkip bay is a shallow shore and wreck dive.

Suggested Experience: Good training site. 

Travel directions: From Glasgow take the A8 to Greenock. Then the A78 to Largs. The site is on the RHS just after the Kip Marina. There is a public toilet and viewpoint with a good sized car park, spaces for 10+ cars. Google

Parking directions: Park as close to the entrance as possible but keep the road down to the beach clear.

From Glasgow: 30 Miles  56 Mins

Lat & Long: N55.90528 W04.88111  Postcode PA16 0EA  Google      Estimated position of the wreck. TBC

Tides:  Tide tables 

Site entry/exit: There are two slips at the site. The Northern slip is pretty broken up but extends further into the water. The newer Southern slip is best for finding the wreck. Enter the water on the left of the slip as you are facing the water. Water is shallow (3-4m) for quite a distance 

Inverkip bay entry/exitInverkip bay entry/exit

Underwater directions: In general the seabed is sandy so even on a bad day there will be some visibility. As mentioned it stays shallow (3-4m) for a good 30-40m (guess) from the shore depending on the tide. There is then a steep drop of which starts to bottom out around 10-12m and continues at a much shallower angle down to 18m+ but never been deeper. Not known to be worth it. Seabed gets siltier at the bottom of the slope.There is a small wreck thought to be a cabin cruiser. The cabin has collapsed but the hull and a very small part of the forward deck is still intact. The wreck is maybe 5-7m in length and sitting on it starboard side. The bow points approx 80deg. There is usually some good life on the wreck. A lobster and a conger have been known to inhabit it. Scorpion fish have also been seen. Shoals of fish (Pollack) can be found during the summer.To find the wreck head out on a bearing of 270deg down to 13m then turn right on 180deg until you come to the wreck. Heading home from the wreck just follow 90deg

Air & Nitrox: Aquatron  Splashsports 

Site Hazards: The slip can be ‘slippy’ around the high tide mark. The boat club is active so SMB recommended, especially if surfacing from deeper water as there are boats moored overhead. At high tide watch your air for the trip back, it can be longer than you think. 

Nearest Public phone: Inverkip. On the main street at the bottom of Station Road 

Mobile Network service: Medium for Vodaphone. Inverkip village itself is a bit of a black hole once you come off the A78 

Accommodation: The Foresters House

Pub: Inverkip Hotel. Chartroom (in the Marina) 

Café: Inverkip Hotel. Chartroom. New café opened as you first come into Inverkip 

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Thanks to: Avril Keith for pictures.

Created by: Scott Thomson 

Date: 31/08/07 

Surface Photos:  contact me

U/Water Photos: By Avril Keith

Tube wormSpider crab

Divesite map: Contact me

Dive Reports: Mikael  26/5/13 Managed to find the wreck on both dives but its a bit hit and miss. Especially on the 2nd dive where the viz was reduced to around 2m as we had disturbed the silt around the cabin cruiser. The hull remains though one side has disintegrated. There was a large heavy lump in the middle which I assume was the engine. No sign of any massive conger sadly. At the stern, you can find the small prop half buried in the sand. We also found that near the wreck there was a length of rope emerging from the seabed floating in large loops. This has turned into a mini reef and conveniently is close to the wreck. On our first dive, we spotted this while cutting back and forth. We followed it for a while and I just happened to look across at my buddy as he was unwittingly swimming past the wreck that was only a metre away. On the second dive, when we found the rope I knew we were in the right area.

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