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Kentallen wall location

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: This is a good Wall dive in Loch Linnhe, and a scenic dive rolled into one. The top of the wall has large boulders and lots of life swimming about. The fin out to the wall has a silty slope covered in sea pens The boulders on top of the wall are good for the U/W photographers

Suggested Experience: Experienced sport diver 

Travel directions:  Leaving Glasgow on the M8 cross the Erskin bridge onto the A82 and turn left at Crianlarich staying on the A82. At Tyndrum bear to the right still on the A82 over Rannoch Moor into Glencoe. On entering Glencoe you will see loch Leven on the right, Drive till you come to a roundabout just before the Ballachulish bridge and turn right here and follow this road  to Kentallen Google map

Parking directions: In the car park of the Holly tree hotel. Park at the far end leaving space for the hotel customers.

Kentallen wall car parking

From Glasgow: 97 Miles  2Hrs  10 Mins

Lat & Long: N 56° 40' 31.81'',W 5° 14' 39.18''  Postcode PA38 4BY  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 15m top of the wall 32m at the bottom

Site entry/exit: From the slip swim around the pier and swim towards the green buoy at the other side of the loch (north) exit at the slip. 

Kentallen wall site entry/exit 

Underwater directions:  From the end of the pier head out towards the green buoy in the distance,  300 degrees, as you head out the underwater terrain changes from small rocks to silt and then back to rock at the top of the wall. The depth here is 15m and if you drop to the bottom of the wall its 34m and head along the wall. It does not matter which way you go as its 5mins from one side to the other side.

Nearest Public phone: Holly tree hotel

Accommodation: The red squirrel     Glencoe Mountain

Mobile Network service: Orange  

Other comments: This is a good wall dive and old bottle collecting dive. Remember you are using the hotel's pier and car park so be considerate and park at the far end of the car park. If you have not dived here before watch your gas as the wall is 150m from the shore. There is another great dive a few miles along the road from here called The slates well worth the extra few miles. Don't forget to use the comments at the bottom of the page to let other divers know what its like to dive here.

Pub: Holly tree hotel

Created by: John Nicolson

Cafe: West Laroch

Air&Nitrox: Puffin divers

Date: 6/5/07

Revision: 2

Links: None

Surface Photos:

Underwater Photos: By Jo Rawley and John Nicolson Utube

Plumose anemone Top of the wall with Sea urchin and rocks

Revision: 8

Thanks to: Jack Holroyd who used to stay across the road and dived here often.

Dive map:  By John Nicolson

Kentallen wall dive map

Dive Reports: Mr Fibble, Sept 07 Dived the Kentallen Wall yesterday. Arrived on-site about midday, the weather was overcast with some drizzle. 2 other lads were coming out as we kitted up, had a wee chat and was advised to head out on a compass bearing of 310 degrees. In the water and followed the bearing for around 10 minutes over the sand then mud, bottom undulated for quite a bit with some peaks and troughs. Vis was excellent and around 11m. Finally came across the wall at about 12metres and down we went. The wall was stepped here and finally bottomed out at 34metres. swam right (as you faced the wall), finally merged with the silt after a few minutes. Up to 20 metres and followed the wall along to the left for its entire length (about 5 minutes swim). On this side, there is a huge cleft and a bit of an undercut at its end. The place was teeming with fish and lots of crabs and squat lobbies and a sleeping dogfish. Headed back up the slope and toward the jetty at this point. The swim back is a nice way to end the dive, plenty to see and even had a wee poke around the old collapsed wooded stanchions for the pier. Total dive time 52 Min's, max depth 34.4m. This is a great site, well worth the drive up from the central belt. Cheers to John for the dive details on the Guide without which we'd never have known about it. Hoping to get back up in 2 weeks time to do here and maybe the Slates also. 

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