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Lamorna cove

Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive: Gentle shore dive.

Suggested experience: Novice/OW 

Travel directions: Follow the A30 westward through Penzance, turn left and take the B3315 which is signposted to Lamorna Cove. Follow this road until you see a left turn to Lamorna Cove. Follow the road to the end and the car park. 

Parking directions:  The car park is at the end of the road next to the Harbour, Pay and display.  Google   It is advisable to get here early in the summer as the car park fills up quickly.

From Plymouth: 84.03 miles, about 2 hours 9 Min's  

Lat & Long: 50.061612  -5.563612    Postcode TR19 6XQ  Google

Tides:  Tide tables

Depth: 12m

Site entry/exit: Walk down the slip to the tiny harbour wall, beware of some rocks at low water

Lamorna cove entry/exit

Underwater directions: You can either swim due south (Right-hand side) or South East (Left-hand side). Follow the reef until you start meeting rocky outcrops, you can then decide to swim around them or make your return. 

Site Hazards: Slipway can be slippery, no major UW hazards 

Nearest Public phone:  None in Lamorna 

Accommodation: There is a small hotel in Lamorna called Lamorna cove there are also self-catering apartments. Penzance Tourist Information, 01736 362207 

Mobile Network service:  There is limited coverage around Lamorna 

Other comments: Lamorna cove is often used for night diving as its safe and shallow and there is plenty to see. It's also a well-known site for cuttlefish which seem to be tame and used to divers.

Pub: Lamorna Wink

Created by: Mark Milburn 

Cafe: There is a cafe by the car park

Air & Nitrox: Bill Bowen at Penzance harbour wall 01736 752135   Diving air

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Dive Map:  To Follow 

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