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Landing craft

Alternative Names: LCT(A) 2454 Landing Craft

Type of Dive: Shore dive on a WW2 Landing craft.

Suggested Experience: BSAC Sports diver or equivalent

Travel directions: Head to the Isle of Portland via the A354. After driving through Wyke Regis you will reach Portland Beach Road, shortly after crossing the Ferry Bridge turn right into the Chesil Beach Centre.

Parking directions: In the car park of Chesil Beach Centre (pay and display) drive to the Southernmost end and park up next to the large stone blocks.

Lat & Long:   50°34.34.9 N 2°28.03.8 W  Postcode DT5 1AW Google

Tides: Tide tables  Best time to dive this location is 2 hours after HW Portland. If diving at other times make allowances for the current, of which although running parallel to the shore, can be very strong and push you off the line of the wreck.

Depth: 12-14 metres

Site entry/exit: After kitting up, walk to the top of the pebble beach. Turn around and line up all the concrete blocks into a straight line. From this point walk in a Northerly direction approximately twenty-five paces, then face the sea. Walk directly to the shoreline from this point.

Landing craft entry/exit

Underwater directions: After entering the water swim straight out over the pebble terraces to a depth of 12-14 metres. In good visibility, it should not take long to locate the wreckage. In lesser conditions, a short search either North or South should reveal her remains, but do make sure not to go below 15 metres, as this will probably be too far beyond the wreck.

Air & Nitrox:  Underwater Explorers  Dive Beyond   

Site Hazards: Chesil Beach can be challenging (and at times, dangerous) to get in and out of if there are waves breaking onto the beach. As a rule anything over a Force 3 blowing from the West or South West should prohibit diving here. For safety, this site should really only be dived on Easterly winds whereby the water usually remains calm. Check the daily conditions here Facebook On the wreck itself the main hazard is fishing line. ALWAYS carry at least one cutting tool.

Nearest Public phone: Cove house Inn

Mobile Network service: Most networks will work here..

Accommodation: Cottage Weymouth tourist information, Tel 01305 785747. The Aqua

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Pub: Cove house Inn  The little ship

Cafe: Quiddles Cafe, The Bluefish,

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Thanks To: Wyke Regis coastguard rescue for the pic of the Landing Craft.

Links: Chesil Beach Marine Life

Created by: Colin Garrett

Date: 8/8//18

Surface Photos:     

Underwater Photos: By Colin Garrett  Utube  Utube  Utube 

Landing craftLanding craftLanding craft4aLanding craft

Dive sitemap: 

Landing craft dive map

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