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Laudale slip parking

Alternative Names: Marked as a jetty on OS maps

Type of Dive: Easy Peasy shore

Suggested experience: From novice up.

Travel directions: From the Corran Ferry take the A861 to Strontian. Before reaching Strontian turn left on the A884 towards Lochaline skirting around the top of Loch Sunart. After a couple of miles turn right down a minor road signed Laudale and follow this for about a mile along the side of the loch until you reach the slip. Marked on the OS map as a jetty. There is a large cleared area on both sides of the road as there used to be a fish farm here.

Parking directions: Loads of space directly above the beach. water Google

Distance from Glasgow:116 Miles 3 Hrs Google Edinburgh 142 Miles 3 hrs 35 MinsGoogle

Lat & Long: N56.677303 W-5.642724 Postcode PH33 7AF Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 35m

Site entry/exit: Walk straight in off the shingle beach, watch out for kelp covered rocks. Utube

Laudale slip entry/exit

Underwater directions: Swim out and down a slope if you go straight on there isn’t a great deal, just the occasional boulder, but turn left at around 15m to find a boulder slope which goes down in large ‘steps’ to 35m+. Loads of pink spotted cucumbers, sea stars, long clawed squat lobsters etc. Doing the same dive but turning right at 6-8m and then follow the boulder slope down to find a reef at around 20m that continues down to around 35m. Found lots of dogfish on this dive and some beautiful beadlet anemone in the shallows.

Air & Nitrox: Loch aline dive centre

Site Hazards: None

Nearest Public phone: Strontian

Mobile Network service:  Contact me

Accommodation: Ariundle bunkhouse Great wild camping along this side of the loch.

Other comments: There are golden eagles nesting in the hills above the Lochside here and the locals are very protective of these, as people have tried to steal eggs in the past. I was given to understand there is a camera and/or telescope trained on the nest at all times. Should you be in the area for any length of time you may find that someone will stop and chat to check what you are diving for.

Pub: Kilcamb Lodge Hotel

Cafe: None close to here so take everything you need.

Created by: Jane Wilkinson

Date: 31/12/10

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Surface Photos: By Jane Wilkinson

Underwater Photos: By Jane Wilkinson  

DogfishBeadlet anemone

Dive Map: Contact me

Dive Report: Jo Rawley Dived 6th Jan 2011. 25m 47 mins Tide on its way out so headed to the east so if too strong could drift back to the starting point. Huge boulders covered in sea loch anemones, intermittent sandy patches with phosphorescent sea pens. Large scallops which tasted lovely for tea, eyelash worms, peacock worms and a Cpl of small thornbacks. Lovely dive - 10m viz. Much more life and variety than the north side of the loch.

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