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Loch Riddon bay

Alternative Names:  None

Type of Dive:  Easy scenic but with caution (take cutting tools)

Suggested Experience:  Open water

Travel directions:  If you are heading over on the ferry to Dunoon from Gourock, DONT buy the ferry tickets onboard, there is a shop along in the main street of the town called "pauls food and wine" he sells the tickets at a discounted price, he is an authorised seller.

Parking directions:  Park on the road but keep well in as its surprisingly busy, walk through trees and over a flat grassy area which leads to a pebble beach.

Loch Riddon Bay parkingLoch Riddon Bay path to water

Lat & Long:  55°56'24.7"N 5°10'57.2"W  Google

Tides:  There is no current to worry about and the bay is pretty sheltered.

Depth:  18m

Site entry/exit:  Enter the water surface swim out about 20m and drop down. Don't go left on entry and there is NOTHING but sand...stick to the bottom of the cliffside on the right.

Underwater directions: Keeping the cliffs on your right.. head down to your chosen depth and fin along looking through the cracks and gullies. Look out for brown crabs that will need freeing from fishing line, we counted 5 on my last trip there.

Air & Nitrox:   Wreckspeditions    Profesional diving academy but they need to be contacted first. Tel 01369 701701

Site Hazards:  Fishing line and small boats.

Nearest Public phone:  Colintraive Hotel

Mobile Network service:  3 and Vodaphone worked the best here.

Accommodation: Wild camping (see pic below)  Colintraive Hotel

Loch Riddon Bay wild camping

Pub:  Colintraive Hotel

Cafe: None close to here.

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Created by:  Avril Keith

Date:  21/2/18

Surface Photos:  By Avril Keith

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