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Lochinver Harbour Wall

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Lochinver Harbour Wall is a shore dive around the rocks of the pier.

Suggested experience: Any

Distance from Inverness: 93 miles and 2 hr 10 min Take the A835 through Ullapool and then pick up the A837 on towards Lochinver. Go through Lochinver past the Post office on the left and shortly after this take the minor road right, down towards the harbour and leisure/ sports centre. Follow this road all the way around past all the harbour/fish buildings, past the pontoons for small boats to the end where you can see the harbour wall with the slip beside it.

Parking directions: Park in the area at the top of the slip.  

Lat & Long: N58.148425 W-5.251036 Postcode: IV27 4JP  Google

Tides: Tide tables

Depth: 12/13m

Site entry/exit: Down the slip beside the wall.

Lochinver Harbour Wall site entry/exit

Underwater directions: At the end of the slip there is a steep drop off down to around 5m, from here just follow the wall keeping it on your left. To begin with, the viz is pretty poor but as you move out towards the end of the wall it improves.  Continue round exploring the rocks until you need to turn back.

Air & Nitrox: Jimmy Crooks at Lochinver 01571 844 362, Lazy Crofter at Durness 01971 511202 and James Forsyth in Scourie 01971502315.

Site Hazards: Boat traffic

Nearest Public phone:

Mobile Network service:

Accommodation: Tigh Na Sith Guest House   Lochinver Holiday Lodges

Other comments: Everything is very silty and visibility would probably be a lot poorer after bad weather. Parts of the seabed are covered in philine aperta. These are creatures have their shell inside with a white oval body growing around this. There are sea squirts of various kinds growing on the rocks and common/spiny/cushion and sand stars. A few long clawed squat lobsters make their homes in the cracks and crevices among the rocks of the wall. There are also huge shoals huge of juvenile fish hanging on the wall using it for shelter.As you get to the end of the wall, around 12-13m, there are a few deadmen's fingers and quite a lot of tall plumose anemones. I also found a large deeplet anemone growing a little further out from the end of the wall, towards the centre. Round the corner, there are a lot of mooring ropes that are festooned with squirts and sponge and definitely a lot more life although still a very silty seabed.

Pub: Culag Hotel

Cafe: Village green cafe

Created By: Jane Wilkinson

Date: July 2012

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