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Lower Diabaig Pier

Alternative Names: None

Type of Dive: Lower Diabaig Pier is an easy shore dive in a bay of Loch Torridon.

Suggested experience:  Any

Distance from Inverness: From Inverness take the A835 towards Torridon and Lochcarron. Turn left onto the A832 after Garve stay on this road all the way to Kinlochewe where to turn onto the A896 to Torridon. In Torridon next to the countryside centre building turn right onto a minor road signed Torridon village and Diabaig. This is a fairly long drive over twisty roads which are steep in places. Follow the road down the steep hill to Lower Diabaig harbour.  Google map

Parking directions: Park next to the pier looking out over the bay.

Lower Diabaig Pier car parking

Lat & Long:  57.574459, -5.686425 Postcode IV22 2HE  Google map   

Tides:  Tide tables

Depth: 25m

Site entry/exit: Diving at high tide you only need to scramble down a few feet over the rocks in front of the parking area or use the steps to the left of here onto some shingle and enter the water here.

Underwater directions: Keeping the kelp-covered rocks on your left follow these out and down to a scattered boulder slope that goes down to around 25m, beyond this is is a sandy slope. Amongst the rocks, you will find common/spiny/cushion sea stars. Long clawed squat lobsters and urchins, common prawns and a variety of sea squirts.

Air & Nitrox:  5 Bells diving  Dave Black Loch Carron 07812605771 by appointment only

Site Hazards:  Occasional boat traffic.

Nearest Public phone: To the right of the pier

Mobile Network service:  None but I could get both phone and mobile broadband signals up on the road before you go down to the bay.

Accommodation: Self-catering Torridon youth hostel

Other comments: For amazing food go to Gille Brighde

Pub: None

Cafe:  Gille Brighde  There is now a small cafe opposite the pier but no other shops of any sort. How long the cafe will last, I don't know. There is not a lot of tourist traffic despite this being an incredibly beautiful area. (August 2014)

Created By: Jane Wilkinson

Date: June 2012

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Surface Photos: By Jane Wilkinson

Underwater Photos:  Contact me

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